The Lawfare Project Aids Jewish Surgeon Who Faced Public Threats

August 17, 2020


According to the Jerusalem Post and JNS, the Lawfare Project came to the aid of a Jewish trauma surgeon subjected to harassment as a result of complaints about emails that were sent to employees during Easter this past April.

The surgeon claimed that emails containing bible verses that reference deicide and have been used repeatedly to promulgate hatred against Jews were sent hospital-wide. After complaining about the email the surgeon was subjected to retaliatory measures from the hospital including a threatened salary-cut, public humiliation, and derogatory comments from co-workers.

This past Wednesday the Lawfare Project announced that it reached a settlement on behalf of the surgeon which includes financial compensation as a remedy for the surgeon’s alienation and harassment. The settlement also protects the Jewish surgeon from retaliation from the hospital. The hospital has also agreed not send out similar emails in the future.

“Unfortunately, as anti-Semitism persists in the workplace, this case is just one of many involving discrimination against Jewish employees,” said Lawfare Project executive director Brooke Goldstein

The Lawfare Project declined to release the name of the surgeon or the hospital claiming confidentiality concerns.

Sources: https://www.jns.org/lawfare-project-reaches-agreement-with-hospital-after-harassment-of-jewish-surgeon/


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