“The Third Wave of Anti-Semitism is on the Way”: JCPA’s Analysis of Israel Hatred Today

July 6, 2020


In a recent article published on their website, our partner, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) analyzes currents trends in contemporary anti-Semitism.

JCPA argues that the BDS Movement, threats from international organizations, and mischaracterizations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict collectively form a “Third Wave” of anti-Semitism. Author Fiamma Nirenstein, a former member of the Italian Parliament and past chair of the Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, expands upon these issues and more in her article for JCPA.

First, Nirenstein suggests that BDS’ infiltration of the Black Lives Matter movement has given anti-Semitism new life. She quotes Linda Sarsour, a BDS supporter and protest leader, who chanted at a recent rally, “Black Lives Matter, Palestinian Lives Matter.” This quote, and the theme it represents, falls under the category of “Israelophobic” anti-Semitism that Nirenstein cites as the primary manifestation of “third wave anti-Semitism”. Pointing to those who advocate for implementation of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, Nirenstein acknowledges the work being done to make clear the synonymity between Jews and Israel. In her view, those trying to draw a wedge between the two are feeding into third wave anti-Semitism.

In the article, Nirenstein also points to anti-Israel threats from the United Nations and international rejection of the Trump peace plan as examples of the Israelophobia that defines third-wave anti-Semitism. She specifically references a false claim that the plan’s call for Israel to control 30% of the West Bank is an attempt to impose apartheid over the region. Providing  timely examples, the article also mentions COVID-19 conspiracy theories that blame Jews and Israel for the global pandemic. In each of these instances, Nirenstein argues, third wave anti-Semitism is on display.

Read more: https://jcpa.org/the-third-wave-of-anti-semitism-is-on-the-way/