Two Jewish Women Attacked in Buenos Aires by Assailant Screaming ‘You Should Have All Died in the Holocaust’

A screenshot from a video showing part of Monday's anti-Semitic incident in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

March 17, 2021

Two Orthodox Jewish women were assaulted in downtown Buenos Aires on Monday by a female assailant screaming, “You should have all died in the Holocaust,” The Algemeiner reported, citing local Argentine media.

During the incident in the Argentine capital, one of the Jewish women had her sheytl — or wig — torn off before she was thrown to the ground by the attacker, who threatened, “You f***ing Jew, I’m going to kill you,” and also said, “I’m from Cristina” — referring to former Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is suspected of having conspired with Iran to cover up the Tehran regime’s role in the 1994 AMIA Jewish community center bombing in Buenos Aires.

The attack was stopped by a passerby who intervened.

“It was an extreme moment,” the passerby was quoted as saying. “I grabbed the woman and called the police. She was not in her right mind.”

The assailant was then told by police to leave the area in her car. However, as she drove away, she tried to run the two Jewish women over, prompting police to remove her from her vehicle and arrest her.

This disturbing incident took place a day before Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta took part in the 2021 Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism, at which he said, “In these challenging times of the pandemic, we are concerned about the rise of intolerance and violence around the world. Antisemitism, xenophobia and racism are ongoing threats to our societies. We must continue to work to prevent discrimination, promoting pluralism, valuing diversity and raising awareness of the horrible consequences of intolerance.”

Watch a video showing part of Monday’s attack below: