Watch: Author Series Webinar With Ben Freeman on New Book ‘Reclaiming Our Story’

A screenshot from the Author Series webinar with Ben Freeman.

November 13, 2022

The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) recently hosted the latest installment of its Author Series with a webinar featuring Ben Freeman, author of the new book Reclaiming Our Story: The Pursuit of Jewish Pride.

In this groundbreaking work, Freeman takes his readers — both Jewish and non-Jewish — on a powerful learning journey that explores the impact of Jew-hatred on Jews and the long history of internalized anti-Jewishness.

Most importantly, he seeks to educate, inspire, and empower his Jewish readers to look inside themselves — with empathy and without shame — to identify their own experiences with internalized anti-Jewishness so they can reclaim their Jewish stories, ultimately moving from prejudice to pride.

Watch the webinar here:

Reclaiming Our Story: The Pursuit of Jewish Pride is available on Amazon here.