Watch Rabbi David Wolpe Discuss Future of Jewish People Amid Global Antisemitism Surge

June 13, 2021

With Jew-hatred again on the rise across the globe, Rabbi David Wolpe — senior rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles — joined Jewish Future Pledge co-founder Mike Leven on Thursday for a special virtual discussion on the “Israel, Antisemitism, and the Jewish Future.”

This timely talk focused on how Jews can embrace Jewish pride and strengthen Jewish peoplehood with a forward-looking vision.

“The thing in particular that gives me concern is the normalization of anti-Jewish rhetoric, whether it is disguised as anti-Israel rhetoric, or is blatant anti-Jewish rhetoric,” Rabbi Wolpe commented. “It’s not as if it didn’t exist before but it was always on the fringes, it was always condemned. But it has now snuck into the mainstream.”

“However, what gives me hope is the strength and resilience of the Jewish people, and the many, many, many friends we have…we are not alone in this world or in this struggle. We have friends of all kinds and in all communities,” he added.

Watch the full discussion with Rabbi Wolpe below:

The Jewish Future Pledge is a worldwide movement working to ensure that vibrant Jewish life continues for generations to come. It calls on all Jews to pledge that half or more of the charitable giving in their will/estate plan will support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel — and sparks intergenerational conversations about why the Jewish people matter.

For more information on the Jewish Future Pledge, visit its website: jewishfuturepledge.org