World Anti-Semitism Report: October 2nd, 2020

October 2, 2020

On the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Jews, unfortunately, experienced anti-Semitic incidents in the UK, Russia, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. Also during the Jewish holidays, the University of Illinois and Columbia passed BDS referendums. In the midst of a charged election season in the United States, the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement calls on all people and organizations of conscience to transcend partisan politics and remain united in the fight to eradicate the world’s oldest hatred: anti-Semitism.

The cause to fight anti-Semitism is a humanitarian imperative and should not be exploited as a political weapon. Jews in America and around the world face threats today from all kinds of extremist movements, including the far-left, far-right, and radical Islamists. Now is the time to work together to fight hate everywhere.

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