Support the Omni-American Future Project to Fight Antisemitism and Racism

The past year saw an outburst of antisemitism and racism worldwide unprecedented in recent memory.

In response, the American Sephardi Federation, the Jazz Leadership Project, and the Combat Antisemitism Movement have joined forces to fight antisemitism and racism by offering a platform for artists, thinkers, and musicians to share their perspectives on building a common “Omni-American” future.

The term “Omni-American” is borrowed from the writings of Albert Murray, the great 20th century Black American thinker and writer who, together with his good friend and celebrated novelist, Ralph Ellison, extolled America’s pluralistic and “incontestably mulatto” culture. By robustly critiquing racial essentialism and strongly emphasizing the power of culture instead of race, Murray and Ellison’s writings strike at the root of ideologies that foster division, manipulation, and hatred, and ultimately develop into racism and antisemitism.