Meet Our Partner: Iraqi Christian Relief Council

Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) Founder and President Juliana Taimoorazy.

March 8, 2022


The Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of educating people around the world about the persecution of Iraqi Christians, asking for prayers, and raising funds to support their basic humanitarian needs and partake in rebuilding their lives.

“Listening to the stories of my ancestors and how they perished, simply because they were Assyrian, simply because they were Christian, seeing what was happening to my people in Iraq, in our ancestral homeland, I decided not to remain silent,” ICRC Founder and President Juliana Taimoorazy — a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominee — said.

Taimoorazy further noted, “The Assyrians have a long history of coexisting and living next door to the Jewish people, and because of that kinship I cannot remain silent in the face of injustice, and I work on fighting antisemitism, albeit in a small way, but it is my honor to partner with my Jewish brethren.”

Watch a video on the ICRC — featuring comments from Taimoorazy — here:

For more information on the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, please visit: iraqichristianrelief.org

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