July 7, 2022

July 8, 2022

THIS WEEK’S GLOBAL ANTISEMITISM REPORT Leaders from around the world spoke out against the use of the term “apartheid” to isolate Israel. “Categorizing Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state is just plain antisemitic…“such characterization counters progress made in the region, instead it deepens the rifts and fuels antisemitism around the world,” said Vice President of the …

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CAM Coalition Partners Spotlight: Building Alliances to Defeat Bigotry

From fostering Christian-Jewish relations to Black-Jewish synergy, the CAM coalition is changing how groups across the world collaborate with Jewish communities. This week, partner organizations successfully fought to reverse Ben & Jerry’s antisemitic boycott of Israel, called for reform at the beleaguered City University of New York, and stood firm against British journalism antisemitic fallacies.