Help Stop Funding of A Terrorism Promoting Organization

October 23, 2020 | End

Tell Donorbox to stop providing services to a terror-supporting organization!

Within Our Lifetime is a radical offshoot of the extremist group SJP that supports terrorist groups like PFLP and Hezbollah.

They were co-sponsors of the Leila Khaled event at SFSU, and have since continued to take part in other PFLP events. The co-founder and co-president of WOL, Nerdeen Kiswani, is an advocate of political violence, leading chants for death to America and Israel, and was recently filmed threatening to set a man on fire.

They use a funding platform called Donorbox to fund their terrorism advocacy, against the terms of service. We need to send emails to Donorbox to alert them of these violations by this violent organization. Click the link to send emails to get them removed!

Send an email today: https://app.act-il.com/t/WOLTerror