‘Jewish Life Is Not a Provocation’: Join Berlin Protest Against Antisemitism Surge in Germany

July 21, 2021 | Ended

The demonstration will take place this Sunday, July 25th, at 5 PM CEST, in front of the city hall of the German capital's Neukölln borough.

In response to rising antisemitism worldwide and recent attacks targeting Jews in Germany, the Berlin chapter of the international End Jew Hatred movement has organized the  “Jewish Life Is Not Provocation” demonstration, set to take place this Sunday, July 25th, at 5 PM CEST, in front of the city hall of the German capital’s Neukölln borough.

Jews in Germany in general, and in Neukölln in particular, do not feel safe to publicly identify with their religion, for fear of verbal harassment and physical assault. This intimidation, which worsened in May during the Israel-Gaza flare-up, has led many Jews to maintain a low profile.

However, with Sunday’s rally, the Jews of Neukölln are sending a message that they will no longer tolerate this new norm.

The organizers of the protest have published three demands from the government and law enforcement authorities:

  1. Punish new-age antisemitism the same as other hate crimes.
  2. Shut down events that promote Jew-hatred in Germany.
  3. Pledge an additional 25 million euros annually from the federal budget to fight Jew-hatred across Germany

“We must collectively amplify our demand for justice,” rally organizer Jonathan Guggenberger told the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), which is co-sponsoring the event.

End Jew Hatred activists across the globe will support the rally by blowing shofars outside German embassies and consulates on Sunday.

In Berlin, demonstrators will gather at 83 Karl Marx Street at 5 PM for the three-hour event.

Online supporters can share messages of solidarity using the hashtags: #EndJewHatred and #EndJewHatredBerlin.

For more information and to RSVP, visit: facebook.com/events/878221603049594