Join AJC’s #BeAMensch Campaign and Encourage Acts of Kindness

February 29, 2020 | Closed

People are encouraged to participate in the #BeAMensch initiative by sharing stories of mensch-like behavior from their community, or sharing stories of kind acts on social media with the #BeAMensch hashtag.

Our partner AJC has created the #BeAMensch campaign that encourages and highlights acts of kindness and decency. Amid the chaos and uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis, we are seeing countless individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, companies, and even countries engage in mensch-y behavior.

Some actions include providing comfort to those in quarantine, reaching out to those most vulnerable and speaking up for groups targeted by hate and xenophobia.

The term mensch is Yiddish for “a person of integrity and honor” or, simply put, a good person. Lend a helping hand during this challenging time, and be a Mensch!

For more information: click here.