Join Arolsen Archives in #everynamecounts Initiative to Remember Holocaust Victims


Everyone can do their part to digitize the Arolsen Archives' Holocaust documents and ensure the victims are never forgotten.

Help the Arolsen Archives build the world’s largest digital memorial to the victims of the Nazis.

While remembering and commemorating the victims of Nazi persecution often involves formal rituals that don’t resonate with younger generations, Arolsen Archives’ #everynamecounts initiative offers a new and very direct way of actively engaging with the past – not only to remember the victims of Nazi persecution, but also to promote respect, diversity and solidarity.

#everynamecounts aims to establish a digital memorial to the people persecuted by the Nazis by crowdsourcing the building of the world’s largest online archive on people persecuted and murdered by the Nazis. To do this, the names and data in scanned historical documents must be digitally transcribed and they need your help!

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to join the thousands of people who are already assisting the Arolsen Archives in digitally transcribing the around 30 million historical documents in its possession. Future generations should be able to remember the names and identities of these victims. But the initiative is important to today’s society as well – because by looking back, we can see where discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism lead.