Join CAM’s #IsraelFights4Humanity Campaign

June 16, 2020 | Active

Together we can show Israel's incredible contributions to the global battle against the coronavirus.

Anti-Semitic social media posts blaming Jews for the coronavirus are spreading online. Lies about Israel exploiting the pandemic to harm Palestinians is being promoted widely when in fact Israel has been a strong supporter of their public health.

Our campaign creates a positive narrative to respond to harmful misinformation. The Combat Anti-Semitism Movement is launching #IsraelFights4Humanity, in which we spotlight the country’s major contributions to the global battle against the novel coronavirus.

Israel may be small but its preparedness, its science and tech innovation, and its ability to mobilize large efforts quickly are coming into play during this crisis, from Tel Aviv to Detroit and beyond. Israeli tech companies are developing new tools to diagnose the disease. Israeli pharmaceutical companies are donating medicine. Israeli researchers are sharing their knowledge with colleagues around the world, and coming up with new potential treatments. The Israeli military is mobilizing to help those most at risk for contracting Covid-19, and transporting tens of thousands of testing kits to Israel’s medical labs. The IDF is also delivering aid outside the country, in coordination with international organizations.

It’s important to bring people together around positive actions in a time of trouble. Please share the video that the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement has put together under the hashtag #IsraelFights4Humanity. The key takeaway: Israel is working to save lives.

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