Join Tikvah Fund’s ‘Jews, Israel, and the Future of America’ Virtual Conference

March 14, 2021 | End

Register to take part in the annual Jewish Leadership Conference event on March 14-15.

Join the Tikvah Fund’s Jewish Leadership Conference on March 14-15 for its annual “Jews and Conservatism” forum.

The online event — being held under the banner of “Jews, Israel, and the Future of America” — will feature of distinguished speaker lineup of leading thinkers, including top officials, academics, and journalists from around the world.

A past Jewish Leadership Conference “Jews and Conservatism” event.

They will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Jewish people, including the new government in the US, the upcoming election in Israel, the Abraham Accords, the Iran threat, the future of Jewish education, the post-COVID economy, and the state of faith in the West, among other topics.

At the conference, Professor Ruth Wisse — a Combat Anti-Semitism Movement Advisory Board member — will be awarded the Tikvah Fund’s Herzl Prize.

Professor Ruth Wisse.

For more details and registration, visit the conference’s website here: jewishleadershipconference.org.