Sign Petition to Call on USC to Protect Jewish Students!

August 21, 2020 | Active

Tell President Carol L. Folt to act quickly and ensure Jewish students are not targeted with anti-Semitic discrimination.

Earlier this month, University of Southern California senior Rose Ritch resigned from her student government position last week after intense harassment for her pro-Israel and Zionist views.

USC President Carol Folt responded in an Aug. 6 statement, condemning the “anti-Semitic attacks on Ritch’s character” and calling the behavior “unacceptable.” Folt also used the occasion to announce a new campus initiative sponsored by the USC Shoah Foundation aimed at fighting bias and hate.

In response, Alums for Campus Fairness is calling on USC to act swiftly to protect Jewish students and ensure that targeted discrimination of the Jewish community will not be tolerated. While President Folt has openly endorsed the USC Shoah Foundation’s Stronger Than Hate campaign, more can and should be done to protect Jewish students moving forward.

Join Alums for Campus Fairness and call on USC to make this new program mandatory for the students who harassed and bullied Rose Ritch and other Jewish students.

By signing the ACF petition, you are also urging USC to:

  • Develop a mandatory anti-racism training for all students, including a session on anti-Semitism led by an organization or expert chosen in consultation with the major Jewish organizations on campus.

  • Ensure that the orientation for all students holding USG office includes supplemental training oriented on navigating the issue of anti-Semitism in a position of leadership. This adaptation might best be championed by current members of USG.

By signing the petition, you are asking the University of Southern California to support Jewish students as part of the campus community and ensure that USC remains a welcoming environment for all students.

Sign the petition: https://www.campusfairness.org/action/?usc