Support Fund for Vandalized Jewish-Owned Stores

July 6, 2020 | Active

Please donate to this "GoFundMe" campaign which will help shuls, stores, and businesses hit by recent vandalism in Los Angeles.

Last month, many LA stores and shuls in the Fairfax area were vandalized during protests that turned into riots. Some stores were completely destroyed while others had broken windows. Some shuls were covered in hate graffiti.

The Chesed Fund, a global Jewish charity initiative, is calling on everyone who can to help these stores, businesses and shuls recover as quickly as possible. While many have insurance it will not cover their deductibles as well as they will have a hard time showing and proving their losses. Many of these places are still having trouble staying afloat as a result of being closed due to Covid-19. We can not and will not stand by. We will help these stores rebuild to what they were in a very short time.

Please donate to this “GoFundMe” campaign which will help the shuls, stores and businesses hit by this riot that are located Melrose to Wilshire and Highland to La Cienega. Some only need a few hundred dollars to repair others need tens of thousands of dollars.

Donate here: https://thechesedfund.com/shavuosriots/fund

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