Premier of Victoria, Australia Targeted in Anti-Semitic Vandalism

September 9, 2020

On Monday, September 7th the Premier of the Australia state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, was targeted with “appalling” anti-Semitic graffiti, according to the Australian Jewish News. The graffiti was daubed on a road in east Melbourne. The vandals spray-painted “Stop Dan Andrews” with a Star of David replacing the “A” in Dan, and a swastika replacing the “S” in Andrews.

Dan Andrews, Parliament of Victoria Image

The graffiti was spotted by Australian Financial Review columnist James Thompson who posted a photo of the road on Twitter. Thompson wrote: “Disgusted to see this on a road in Donvale in Melbourne’s east this morning. Appreciate feelings are running high about the lockdown, but this vile garbage is plain wrong.”

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, an Australian civil rights organization, stated that the graffiti was “not just an attack on the Jewish community but an attack on all Victorians”.

Alex Ryvchin, co-CEO the Executive Council of Australian Jewry said: “This is absolutely appalling. When segments of society descend into conspiratorial thinking the evil of anti-Semitism always surfaces.”

Australia has been tackling a spike in anti-Semitic incidents directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The graffiti, which has since been removed, comes amid anti-Semitic comments made online by anti-lockdown group Millions Rise for Australia.

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