Step-by-Step Guides to Reporting Antisemitic Content on Major Social Media Platforms

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September 20, 2022

Reporting antisemitic content on social media networks is easy and anonymous. The account/person who posted the content will not see you reported it.

You can find step-by-step guides to reporting hateful content on the most popular social media platforms below.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Please share your reports with Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA) by clicking on “Report Hate” on the top right corner of the FOA website so that follow-up action can be taken if the problematic content is not removed.


To report antisemitic posts on Facebook:

– Go to the post you want to report.

– Click more   in the top right of the post.

– Click Find support or report post.

– Click the option that best describes how this post goes against Facebook’s Community Standards.

– In the case of antisemitic content, choose Hate Speech => Race or Ethnicity and/or Religious Affiliation.

– Click Next.

– Choose Yes, I’d like to continue filing this report.

– Click Done.



If you have an Instagram account, you can report a profile or content on Instagram that doesn’t follow its Community Guidelines.

This includes:

– Hate speech or symbols

– Racist language or activity

– Violence or dangerous organizations

– Bullying or harassment

You can also report a profile for posting content it shouldn’t be.

To report a post in your feed:

– Tap  (iPhone) or  (Android) above the post.

– Tap Report.

– Follow the on-screen instructions. In case of hate speech, choose: It’s inappropriate => Hate speech or symbols

– Click Submit Report.



To report a video posted on TikTok that violated its Community Guidelines:

– Go to the video.

– Tap Share.

– Select Report and follow the instructions provided. In case of hate speech, choose: Hate speech.

– Describe the post shortly. For example: “This video calls to kill Jews and shows the burning of the Israeli flag.”

– Click Submit.



Not sure if you should report a tweet? Read Twitter Rules and Terms of Service to get more information about appropriate and inappropriate content.

Reporting an abusive Tweet:

– Navigate to the Tweet you’d like to report on twitter.com or from the Twitter for iOS/Android app.

– Click the icon.

– Select Report Tweet.

– Select It’s abusive or harmful.

– Next, you will be asked to provide more information about the issue you’re reporting. In case of hate speech, select It directs hate against a protected category (e.g., race, religion, gender orientation, disability).

– Select who is targeted by the tweet. In the case of hate speech, select A group of people.

– You may select additional Tweets from the account you’re reporting.



A video can be reported at any time once uploaded to YouTube, and then it is reviewed by YouTube staff. To report content on YouTube that violated its Community Guidelines:

– Sign in to YouTube.

– Below the player for the video you want to report, click  More.

– In the drop-down menu, choose Report.

– Select the reason that best fits the violation in the video. In the case of hate speech, choose Hateful or abusive content => Promotes hatred or violence

– Provide additional details that may help the YouTube review team make their decision, including timestamps or descriptions of the violation. For example: “This video expresses hatred against Jews and antisemitism. In the video, it is said that Jews are secretly ruling the world and conspiring to harm humanity.”

– Click Report.