Winners of Campus Media Contest to Counter Rising Antisemitism at Colleges and Universities Announced

January 15, 2023

The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) and CAMERA on Campus are proud to announce the winners of a campus media contest geared toward promoting the publication of op-eds countering the growing pervasiveness of antisemitic and anti-Israel narratives at colleges and universities worldwide.

The contest was launched this past fall with the “Exposing the Threat” online webinar, which featured a student panel discussion and a “Shark Tank”-style workshop led by Times of Israel Founding Editor David Horovitz.

Contest entries were reviewed by a selection committee, with participants receiving feedback before the articles were sent for publication.

The winning students and entries are:


Sabrina Soffer (George Washington University): South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Eradicates the Myth, ‘Israel’s an Apartheid State’; GW Must Take Steps to Combat Antisemitism on CampusSemites Are Here to Stay


Alexandra Orbuch (Princeton University): Antisemitism: Back in Vogue?


Alex Grosman (Ohio State University): ‘Martyr’ vs. Murderer: Ohio State SJP’s Appalling Veneration of Terrorists


Saul Levene (King’s College London): PLO Ambassador Husam Zomlot Spreads Misinformation at Student Society Event


Barbara Krystal (University of Washington)


The winners received prizes of up to $350.

A full recording of the “Exposing the Threat” online webinar can be viewed here:

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