Witnesses Say Antisemitic Slurs Sparked Post-Game Melee Between South Florida High School Soccer Teams

The fight after a state playoff soccer match between Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School and Scheck Hillel Community School, in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

February 19, 2023

A soccer game on Wednesday between two South Florida private high schools — one Jewish and one Roman Catholic — ended in an on-field melee that witnesses said was instigated by antisemitic slurs, WPLG Local 10 reported.

After visiting Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School defeated Scheck Hillel Community School 2-1 in a state regional final match, a violent fight broke between players on the competing teams, as well as fans who jumped down from the stands.

Tila Levi — a Scheck Hillel parent whose children were in attendance — said Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School players had directed antisemitic slurs, including “Hitler was right,” toward their Scheck Hillel opponents during the entire game.

There were also adults who displayed middle fingers amid the fracas.

According to Levi, several students were injured in the fight, with one suffering a concussion.

The administrations of Archbishop Coleman Carroll and Hillel Scheck — both located in Miami-Dade County — issued a joint statement on Thursday, saying an investigation was underway and vowing “zero tolerance for any kind of aggressive language and behavior, antisemitism or hate of any kind.”

They promised “appropriate action” would be taken to “build understanding between both schools,” in accordance with their “mutual commitment to safety, respect, and forgiveness.”

The Florida High School Athletic Association was also informed of the incident.

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