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1. JOIN #WEREMEMBER CAMPAIGN for Holocaust Remembrance Day

By World Jewish Congress

#WeRemember Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and levels of knowledge about the Holocaust are on the decline. 66% of American adults don’t know what Auschwitz was. The focus of this year’s #WeRemember campaign is Holocaust education. We urge you to join the campaign, share it within your networks, and ask your friends and family to join in. Read Here 



         (20 Articles)  

1. New Jersey teen says his boss sent anti-Semitic messages after he asked off for Rosh Hashanah


Nicholas Bogan, a New Jersey teen, accused the manager of a local pizzeria of sending anti-Semitic text messages after he asked to take off for Rosh Hashanah. Nicholas had been working at Maurizio’s Pizzeria & Italian Ristorante in Eatontown, when he asked to take off the holiday. A lawsuit filed by Bogan alleges that the store manager, Francesco Scotto Di Rinaldi, then sent a series of offensive messages. “F–k the Jewish,” “Put them on fire (fire emoji)/Like hitler was trying to do/He had a point.” Read Here

2. New York City Mayor Intervenes in Case of Woman Who Attacked Jews, Was Released Without Bail, and Then Committed Another Assault

By Benjamin Kerstein

Tiffany Harris, the New York City woman who assaulted three Orthodox Jewish women and was then released almost immediately with no bail, has been remanded to a psych ward for evaluation and may face criminal charges after Mayor Bill de Blasio personally intervened in the case. For some, she became a symbol of de Blasio’s failure to effectively deal with a wave of anti-Semitic violence that saw increasingly severe attacks.  Read Here

3. NAACP suspends official who said ‘the Hasidics are generally not too friendly’


A local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People official in New Jersey has been suspended from his position for six months after giving a speech castigating Orthodox Jews in Jersey City. James Harris, the chair of the education committee for the Montclair branch of the civil rights organization, gave a speech at a community meeting in which he called Hasidic Jews unfriendly and said that African-Americans in Jersey City and in Montclair live in “fear of being replaced by these strangers who really aren’t friendly.” Read Here

4. ADL Warns of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories After Soleimani Killing

By Benjamin Kerstein

The assassination of Qassem Soleimani has led to a proliferation of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by American white supremacists, far-left anti-Semites and the Iranian media. The ADL listed some of the conspiracists, such as white supremacist Hunter Wallace, who said the Soleimani killing was the beginning of “World War Jew” in which Jewish donors to the Republican party were engineering “a Jewish war with Iran.” Read Here

5. Anti-Semitic Trolls Impersonate Rabbis, Stoking Hate after Hasidic Attacks

By Chris Glorioso, Kristina Sola and Evan Stulberger

Days after the Hanukkah slashing in Monsey, a Twitter account calling itself “David Rothstein” wrote, “monsey stabbing was perpetrated by a black supremacist.” He followed that up with a picture of a black man missing multiple teeth and the N-word. The racist account wasn’t the only one capitalizing on a tragedy to spread hate. The vile, racist tweets are just a few of the toxic social media posts that went unchecked in the days and weeks following a series of anti-Semitic attacks. It wasn’t difficult to decipher the troll accounts were imposters.  Read Here

The U.S. Department of Justice announced that five additional federal hate-crime charges have been filed against the suspect behind the machete attack in Monsey, N.Y. The new charges against Grafton Thomas include willfully causing bodily injury to five victims because of the victims’ religion and five counts of obstructing the free exercise of religion in an attempt to kill. Read Here

An imam in Michigan eulogized Qassem Soleimani, praising him for propping up the Assad regime against what he called efforts by the US and the “Zionists” to destabilize Syria. In a sermon following Soleimani’s death, Sheikh Ibrahim Kazerooni of Dearborn, Michigan, recited a prayer of mourning for Soleimani. Read Here

8. Swastika Found on Brooklyn Restaurant


NYPD officials announced that they are searching for two men who drew a swastika on a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y. The suspects wrote “F— this place” and “F— this city” in addition to the swastika on Acapulco Deli and Restaurant.  Read Here

9. Bigot throws bottles at NYC grocery workers while yelling anti-Semitic slurs


A man chucked bottles at a group of supermarket workers as he spewed anti-Semitic obscenities at them in New York City. Workers at the Yeyo Food Corp called 911 after the creep began throwing bottles at them. The man hurled anti-Semitic obscenities at the workers before he stormed off. Read Here

10. Swastikas Found at Trump Village in Coney Island


Multiple swastikas were found drawn on the wall of a hallway at Trump Village. The incident was reported to the NYPD by a woman who observed it after the fact. Read Here

11. Oklahoma woman charged with racist vandalism pleads guilty


An Oklahoma woman has pleaded guilty to spray-painting racist, anti-gay and anti-Semitic graffiti on Democratic Party offices and other properties in central Oklahoma. Allison Christine Johnson, 46, of Norman pleaded guilty to a felony charge of malicious injury to property, three misdemeanor counts of malicious injury to property and one misdemeanor count of malicious intimidation. Read Here

12. Ilhan Omar Says She Supports BDS But Not Iran Sanctions Because BDS ‘Is Driven by the People’


Rep. Ilhan Omar told a reporter that she supports the BDS movement against Israel but not sanctions against Iran because BDS “is driven by the people.” Omar criticized President Trump’s announcement that he will be implementing new sanctions against Iran. “Sanctions are economic warfare,” Omar tweeted. Israel-based writer Hen Mazzig tweeted, “If you see sanctions as so heinous, even countries that murder American citizens and commit genocide don’t deserve them … but then call for them against Israel … you might have a problem with Jews.” Read Here

13. Pistol permit requests rise in NY community after Hanukkah stabbing


The number of residents seeking to own handguns has risen sharply in a New York community shaken by a machete attack during a Hanukkah celebration. 73 pistol permit applications have been filed with the Rockland County Clerk’s Office since the December 28 attack in Monsey. Read Here



E. Michael Jones, a well-known Catholic anti-Semite in South Bend, Indiana, has been giving advice to the leaders of Iran, telling them that they should not regard Trump as their enemy, but that their real problem is with Israel and Jews who control American foreign policy. He declared that “the people who control the mainstream media” wanted to “precipitate the US into a war with Iran…because of the money that came from three rich American Jews, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus, the three main contributors to the Republican party.” Read Here

15. White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis Applaud Recent Spate of Anti-Semitic Attacks

By Michael Edison Hayden 

White nationalists and neo-Nazis largely supported a series of anti-Semitic attacks across the New York metropolitan area at the close of 2019. The statements from organized racists are noteworthy due to the racialized nature of two prominent attacks: The suspects accused in both incidents are black. Neo-Nazis on the messaging app Telegram praised the attackers outright. Read Here

16. Jersey City killers’ bomb could have killed people 5 football fields away: feds

By Bruce Golding

The couple that killed a Jersey City cop then slaughtered three people in a kosher market had even more hateful plans — and a bomb that could have maimed victims up to five football fields away. FBI Special Agent in Charge Greg Ehrie said a homemade bomb found in the couple’s van was powerful enough to cause casualties from as far as 500 yards away.  Read Here

17. Anti-Semitic Graffiti Drawn All Over Interior of Queens Man’s SUV in Jewish Nabe

By Anjali Hemphill

A man in Queens found the inside of his SUV covered in anti-Semitic graffiti. Jonathon Davidov now has to use blue tape to cover up multiple swastikas drawn in pen which he discovered all over the interior of his 2019 Infiniti SUV. Read Here

18. Sussex County GOP Vice Chair voted out after controversial Facebook comments

By Sean Greene

Sussex County GOP Vice Chair Nelly Jordan has been removed from her position. Jordan was voted out during an executive board meeting after a Facebook post took aim at Jewish Congressmen involved in the impeachment of Donald Trump. Jordan initially defended her remarks, but later issued an apology. Read Here

19. Restaurant’s ‘Gas Chamber’ sign comes down after diner complains 

By Kenneth C. Crowe II

The owner of a Hoosick Falls restaurant, near Albany, NY, said he has removed a sign that said “Gas Chamber” after a customer complained it evoked images of the Holocaust. Old Hoosick Tavern owner Tom Nicchi said he ordered the sign removed from the wall of the Route 7 restaurant after he was contacted by the Times Union. Read Here

20. Virginia teen charged in ‘swatting’ ring linked to neo-Nazis


The U.S. Justice Department has charged a former Virginia college student with calling in fake emergencies to prompt law enforcement response, in coordination with a group the FBI labelled as sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideology. John William Kirby Kelley was charged with conspiracy to make threats. He’s accused of being part of a network that “shared racist views” and had a “particular disdain for African Americans and Jewish people,” targeting such individuals in so-called swatting attacks coordinated in online chatrooms. Read Here



(4 Pieces)


Jess Phillips vows to eradicate Labour anti-Semitism if elected leader

By Lee Harpin

Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has vowed to rid the party of “anti-Jewish hate”, which she says was “far too common” under Jeremy Corbyn — as the party’s failure to tackle anti-Semitism was the subject of furious debate in the first leadership hustings. The Birmingham Yardley MP says that if chosen she will “do everything I can” to win back the trust of the Jewish community — including “working with the Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies to deliver on their plan of action.” Read Here

Emily Thornberry ‘battled’ Corbyn aides to condemn attacks on Israel in Labour manifesto

By Andrew Woodcock

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has said she had to “battle” an attempt by advisers of Jeremy Corbyn to remove a condemnation of rocket attacks on Israel from the Labour manifesto. The claim came as the Labour leadership contender said the party needed to “get on our hands and knees and ask forgiveness” from the Jewish community for its handling of anti-Semitism. As leader, Ms Thornberry said she would make driving “scumbag” anti-Semites out of the party “my most urgent and immediate priority.”  Read Here

Labour members may face criminal charges for anti-Semitic social-media posts


Members of the U.K. Labour Party could be facing criminal charges for posting anti-Semitic messages on social media. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said that six people have been arrested or interviewed following a probe into social-media messages denying the Holocaust and inciting hatred against Jews. Four men and one woman who were Labour Party members have been referred to prosecutors.  Read Here

Jess Phillips suspends aide over ‘completely unacceptable’ tweets


Labour leadership challenger Jess Phillips has suspended her office manager over “completely unacceptable” tweets, as she stressed the need for zero tolerance of anti-Semitism. She spoke of her sadness at having to take action, but insisted it was “the right thing to do and the only way to start building a bridge again with the Jewish community”. Uncovered messages posted by her key constituency office aide branded Israel a “murderer” that was “inflicting Holocaust conditions on Palestinians.” Read Here

I will sign up to all of Board’s asks in anti-Semitism fight

By Rebecca Long-Bailey

My advice to Labour Party members is that it is never OK to respond to allegations of racism by being defensive. No-one is immune from racism as long as it exists in society, whatever their past credentials in opposing racism. The only acceptable response is self-scrutiny, self-criticism and self-improvement. That is why the party is right to be excluding prominent members who tour the country and the TV studios denying and diminishing the problem of anti-Semitism. As Leader of the Labour Party I want to rid our country of racism. I know that to do so I must first ensure that we get our own house in order. Read Here


By Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

A woman screamed “f*** Jews you are all the same” at a Jewish man. The incident took place on Thorpe Road in Stamford Hill, and was reported by Stamford Hill Shomrim. Read Here


By Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

A former Labour councillor and parliamentary candidate has published numerous social media comments accusing Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge of trading on the Holocaust and suggesting former deputy leader Tom Watson and principled Labour defector Ian Austin were in the pay of Israel’s Likud Party. Bob Pandy, who is still a member of Kensington’s Constituency Labour Party, also referred to Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis as a “smear”, worried that leadership hopeful Rebecca Long Bailey might be a “Zionist”, and suggested that Mr. Austin might engage in bestiality. Read Here

Top UK Labour leadership candidate vows to lead fight against anti-Semitism


The front-runner in the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Britain’s Labour party promised to lead the struggle against rampant anti-Semitism within the party. Keir Starmer said: “We should have done more on anti-Semitism. If you are anti-Semitic you shouldn’t be in the Labour party. It is not complicated.” Starmer said that in internal discussions he had advocated automatic expulsion for those found guilty of anti-Semitism.  Read Here

Anger as ‘vile’ neo-Nazi stickers appear around Edinburgh city centre

By Joshua King

Anti-racism campaigners have condemned the appearance of stickers bearing a white nationalist slogan in Edinburgh. The signs bear the message ‘Anti-Semitism is caused by Semitism’ – a phrase touted by neo-nazis on internet forums. It is understood the stickers have been put up by an anonymous network calling themselves the Hundred Handers. Read Here

Report by Labour-affiliated group tries to blame Israel for stoking Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis

By Lee Harpin

A report by a Labour-affiliated group has tried to blame Israel for stoking the anti-Semitism crisis that engulfed Jeremy Corbyn’s party. Charles James, secretary of Labour International, makes the allegation to the group’s 3,500 members in a new paper entitled “General Election Part Two: Why didn’t we win?” Mr James writes: “Many of us believe that the row about anti-Semitism has been stoked by Israel and its helpers in the UK.” Mr James accused the Israeli government of “putting significant efforts and finances into influencing British politics” in order to “prevent the election of a Labour government that will recognise a Palestinian state.” Read Here

Jess Phillips calls for anti-Semitism action after Labour member ‘abused’

By Jewish News Reporter

Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has called for a change in the party’s culture after a member claimed he was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse at a local meeting. Phillips responded after Alex Holmes, vice-chairman of the party’s Ilford South branch, tweeted about a meeting he described as the worst he had ever attended. Holmes said he and another member were called “agents of a foreign power” after speaking against a motion attacking the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Read Here

Calls for author of ‘inflammatory and anti-Semitic’ poem to be sacked as school governor

By Ben Welch

The Board of Deputies has called for an East London secondary school to sack its chair of governors after he was revealed to be the author of an “inflammatory, anti-Semitic” poem. Poet Dante Micheaux wrote Siding with the Israelis, which attacks Israel for “desecrating” the Holy Land “with combat boots.” The poem contains lines referring to urinating on pilgrims from the Dome of the Rock and “delivering all the lands for the chosen in a single night.” Read Here


Jewish Man Beaten and Subjected to Anti-Semitic Abuse on Berlin Subway

By Algemeiner Staff

A 30-year-old Jewish man was punched in the face and subjected to anti-Semitic abuse while traveling on the subway in Berlin. The man was disembarking from a train at the Kurfürstendamm underground station when another passenger who was boarding the train at the same time punched him in the face and insulted him with an anti-Jewish pejorative. Read Here

Five kids commit sexual and anti-Semitic assault against man in Berlin


A group of adolescents sexually assaulted and uttered anti-Semitic slurs at a 68-year-old man in Berlin. A group of kids between the ages of 12 and 15 called the man “Jew” a number times and “two of the perpetrators grabbed him between his legs.” The attack took place on the Putlitz Bridge close to the site of a Holocaust memorial for the deportation of 32,000 Jews during World War II. Read Here

German Hezbollah and Iran supporters mourn Soleimani


German Islamists turned out in Berlin to mourn the death of the US and EU-designated terrorist Qasem Soleimani. 100 supporters of Soleimani registered to attend the event at the Hezbollah-dominated mosque Imam Riza in Berlin. Read Here

General Secretary of Merkel’s party calls for Iran sanctions


The No. 2 member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party urged sanctions targeting Iran’s regime for launching a missile at an Ukrainian passenger jet, resulting in the death of all 176 people aboard. CDU general-secretary Paul Ziemiak told the mass circulation Bild newspaper that “This terrorist regime must feel the consequences of its actions.” Read Here

Germany will ban burning of Israeli and other state flags


The German government is slated to outlaw the burning of Israel’s flag along with flags of all nations in response to a series of anti-Israel demonstrations. Read Here

Deutsche Welle staff speak out about alleged racism and bullying

By Jad Salfiti 

Sexual harassment, racism, anti-Semitism and severe bullying have been taking place at the state-funded German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, staff members have alleged. Managers ignore, target or silence staff who speak out, dismissing them or restricting their shifts. Examples of abusive behaviour cited by staff include: In the TV newsroom at Voltastrasse in Berlin, racial slurs relating to black, Jewish and Pakistani people are said to have been used openly to insult staff. Read Here

German police probe motorcycling Hitler lookalike at classic vehicle festival


German police said they were investigating after a man dressed as Adolf Hitler rode around a weekend festival in a motorbike sidecar, although he provoked more amusement than outrage. The fake fuhrer appeared at a classic motorcycle gathering in Augustusburg, near Chemnitz, and was seen in videos of the event posted online. Read Here

German police arrest Islamist terror cell said to be targeting Berlin synagogue

By Agencies

German police carried out raids on suspected Islamists and made arrests across the country over allegations they were plotting an attack. The alleged militants, of Chechen origin, are aged between 23 and 28 and “suspected of having scouted locations for a possible Islamist attack.” The suspects may have had a synagogue in Berlin in their sights after video material of the building was found. Read Here


Hezbollah’s Nasrallah threatens US troops, vows retaliation against Israel

By TOI Staff

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, threatened violence against the US if it did not withdraw its troops from the Middle East, and said any future American attack on Iran would draw a retaliation against Israel. “The attack on American bases is also a strong message to the Zionist entity, that is always planning to ‘play’ with Iran.  Read Here


Rally protesting Soleimani killing features poster blaming Jews for terrorism


Protestors at a rally in the Netherlands against the assassination of Qassem Soleimani waved posters blaming Jews. At the demonstration in front of the American Embassy, two women held a poster reading “the makers of terrorism,” which featured a caricature of two men — one wearing an American flag and another dressed as an Orthodox Jew — standing on the shoulders of a scarecrow labeled “terrorism.” The women were wearing black head coverings typical of observant Muslim women. Read Here

‘I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes’: Horror as Elderly Toronto Man Found With Swastika Drawn on Head

By Benjamin Kerstein

In a bizarre and chilling incident, an elderly disabled man was found with a swastika drawn on his head at a Toronto housing facility. Shane Morrow discovered the swastika on the head of his uncle Larry when he went to visit him at the Glendale Care Centre in the Swansea neighborhood of Toronto. Read Here

Victims of Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack Remembered, Five Years Later

By Barney Breen-Portnoy

January 9th marked the fifth anniversary of a deadly terror attack at a kosher supermarket in Paris. In 2015, Amedy Coulibaly — who had pledged allegiance to ISIS — burst in to the Hyper Cacher at Porte de Vincennes in Paris and took more than a dozen hostages. A multi-hour standoff with police ensued, at the end of which the heavily-armed Coulibaly was killed in an exchange of fire. Four hostages were found murdered inside the store. The victims — all Jews — were Philippe Braham, 45, Yohan Cohen, 22, Yoav Hattab, 21, and François-Michel Saada, 64. Read Here

Spanish politician who called Israel ‘illegal state’ named deputy prime minister


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appointed as his deputy a politician who has called Israel an “illegal country” and hosted a talk show with anti-Semitic content that aired on an Iranian-funded TV station. The appointment of Pablo Iglesias Turrión, leader of the far-left Podemos party, follows an election that forced the Socialist party to partner with far-left movements to create the first coalition government in Spanish history. Read Here

Spotify to remove playlist titles about Jews and the Holocaust


The music streaming service Spotify said it would remove playlist titles deemed to contain anti-Semitic hate speech. The statement followed a report that found that users interested in circumventing Spotify’s ban on hateful lyrics introduce them in the titles of playlists they generate. One such playlist was titled “Gas the Jews music.” Another was named “The Holocaust was exaggerated game of hide and seek.” Read Here

Ukraine tells Israel to stay out of debate about honoring Nazi collaborators


Gennady Nadolenko, head of Ukraine’s diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv, told Israel to butt out of the debate about honoring of Nazi collaborators. The subject is related to “internal issues of Ukrainian politics” and Israel’s protests about it are “counterproductive.” Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine and his Polish counterpart wrote officials an open letter condemning the government-sponsored honoring of Stepan Bandera and Andryi Melnyk, two collaborators with the Third Reich. Read Here 

Four hospitalized after anti-Semitic mob rampages through Uman


An armed mob stormed through the city of Uman, Ukraine over Shabbat, attacking Jews outside the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav. It started with an insignificant dispute between one of the local Ukrainians and a Jew. “Four Jews were taken to the nearest hospital as a result of being beaten by the Ukrainians. Read Here

Muslim man convicted of hate crime in France for assaulting Jewish optician


A French judge convicted a Muslim man of a hate crime, after the man last year assaulted a Jewish optician at the victim’s shop while shouting about Allah. The perpetrator, Sliman Ouaki, assaulted the owner of the Optical Center shop in Toulon while shouting “Allah hu akbar.” Ouaki targeted the shop owner because he had a mezuzah on the front door. Read Here

Couple spark outrage after they fly a Nazi flag above their home 


A Victorian couple have sparked outrage after flying a Nazi flag above their home. Residents in Beulah, north-west of Melbourne, have repeatedly complained about the red and black flag with a swastika. The home was bought in 2019 by the couple, who defended flying the flag due to the female’s German heritage. Yarriambiack Shire Council chief executive Jessie Holmes said there is nothing they can do. Read Here

Neo-Nazis on course to win second place in Slovakia election next month

By Jon Stone

In Slovakia, polls predict major gains for neo-Nazis in next month’s election. Kotlebovci-ĽSNS has been polling a solid second place. The party’s policies include establishing militias to fight against “gypsy terror”, the reintroduction of conscription, and the celebration of the Slovak Nazi client state established during the Second World War. Party leader Marian Kotleba has said Jews living in Slovakia are “intrinsically bothered by everything that is Slovak” and that they “live on our territory solely by the mercy of the Slovak nation.” Read Here



    (7 Articles)

1. Jewish Student Accuses College of Ignoring Wild Anti-Semitism

By Olivia Messer

A former Pennsylvania college student says in a lawsuit that she dropped out before the start of her junior year over a string of hateful and threatening anti-Semitic incidents that the school failed to address. Cassidy Pyser, who is Jewish and enrolled at Kutztown University in 2015, alleges her roommate sent her photos of Adolf Hitler, a hooded klansman, and a reference to Jews being burned during the Holocaust. Read Here


2. Civil Rights Complaint Accuses Georgia Tech of Failing to ‘Confront Anti-Semitism, Protect Rights of Jewish Students and Faculty’

By Shiri Moshe

A civil rights complaint has been filed with the US Department of Education against the Georgia Tech, alleging the school refused to “confront anti-Semitism and protect the rights of Jewish students and faculty.” The complaint stems from an incident, when the Young Democratic Socialists of America club refused to allow Lauren Blazofsky, the director of the Jewish club Hillel at Georgia Tech, to enter a “Palestine 101” teach-in.  Read Here


3. Elite NY prep school fires teacher who posted anti-Zionist tweets

By Ben Sales

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, an elite New York City prep school, has fired a teacher who posted tweets opposing Zionism. JB Brager, who taught history at Fieldston, posted multiple tweets disparaging Zionism amid a controversy at the school. The controversy began when a speaker at the school, Kayum Ahmed, a lecturer at Columbia University Law School, said that the Holocaust and Israel are examples of “victims becoming perpetrators. That Jews who suffered in the Holocaust and established the State of Israel today — they perpetuate violences against Palestinians that are unthinkable.” Read Here

4. Anti-Semitic graffiti incidents in Westchester schools alarm parents, officials

By Fox 5 New York

Recent incidents of anti-Semitic messages and graffiti found inside schools throughout Westchester County are worrying parents and educators, as Sleepy Hollow High School is the latest to discover anti-Semitic vandalizism in its school. Read Here

Jewish community leaders throughout California met with state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond and other high-ranking officials to vent concerns and gauge progress on revising a controversial ethnic studies curriculum plan. The meeting at the Department of Education was the latest push in a months-long campaign by Jewish community liaisons to persuade state officials to amend the draft. Read Here

Brooklyn Tech High School has become the latest victim of a pair of bias incidents — with someone scrawling a swastika and the words “KILL ALL JEWZ” in a staircase. The anti-Semitic message was scribbled in black marker inside a third-floor stairwell at the elite public school in Fort Greene. Read Here

Warwick University’s vice-chancellor has said it decided not to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism because it does not offer “any added value.” In a letter to the president of the university’s Jewish Israeli Society and Jewish Chaplain Rabbi Fishel Cohen, Prof Stuart Croft said the university would not “formally adopt individual definitions of specific forms of discriminatory behaviour… to adopt one would inevitably lead to the adoption of a whole series of such definitions.” Read Here



     (8 Pieces)

1. Fighting anti-Semitism: We can’t win this battle without friends


We need more public officials – not only those in Washington but in city and town halls around the country – to speak up, along with religious figures and community organizers, athletes and celebrities, to send the unambiguous message that acts of anti-Semitism in any form are socially and morally unacceptable. To those who have access to a bully pulpit – and in today’s world of social media, there are many – the call is to drop everything and join us in this fight against the world’s oldest hatred. We must look to our non-Jewish friends and allies to join the fight. They are out there in every town and city and on every block and street. We must motivate and activate the many resources that they have, to build coalitions we’ll need to turn the tide. Read Here

The word “anti-Semitism” was adopted in Europe late in the 19th century to make this bigotry sound modern, “scientific,” and race-based — not medieval and church-rooted. It’s past time that Jews stopped echoing this euphemism, however unconsciously. The real and resurgent threat is hatred of Judaism, the Jews, and Israel — the Jewish state. But don’t call it anti-Semitism. No “semitism” exists against which to be “anti-.” The term “Semitic” was coined in Germany in the 1700s to refer to a group of related languages, not peoples. Read Here

3. The multiple faces of anti-Semitism


The resurgence of crude, violent anti-Semitism inevitably casts the polite anti-Semitism of progressive circles in a new light. For all their insistence that anti-Semitism is one thing and anti-Zionism something else entirely, the two work hand-in-glove. Rhetoric that demonizes Israel for allegedly smuggling human organs, for example, has fused with more traditional fixations over Jewish bankers, Jewish lobbyists and Jewish secrecy. The net result is not just that anti-Semitic hate crimes have multiplied; it’s that anti-Semitism drawn from all parts of the political and cultural spectrum is now on open display, and painfully so. Read Here

4. Jews should define anti-Semitism


Jews should not be undermined when leading the charge against anti-Semitism, and non-Jewish allies should not be lecturing Jewish communities on our own persecution. The only people who can really understand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a person of color, or a Muslim or a Jew, etc., is a person of that group. It is for that reason that anti-Semitism should be defined by Jews, that Jews should be leading the educational initiative about what anti-Semitism is. We need non-Jewish allies, but we don’t need non-Jewish friends to tell us what anti-Semitism is. Read Here

5. Growth of anti-Semitism in America: It’s complicated


American Jews tend to believe that their experience is singular in the millennia. The lessons of Persia, Spain and Germany have become somewhat fuzzy. COLLECTIVELY, IN the immediate post-Holocaust era, we enjoyed a brief respite from the murderous waves that targeted Jews. Yet, these days, visibly Jewish Americans are targeted by mass murderers. Most American Jews are secular, assimilated. No one actually says it, but I’ll bet many Americans are thinking: “It’s because they were in a synagogue.” Or, “It’s because of how they dress.” It brings to mind a vignette, describing a group of Viennese Jews who found themselves transported to the Warsaw Ghetto. They saw themselves as a different species from the disease-ravaged, starving and pious Jews dumped in the same hellhole. Many of the Viennese arrived in Warsaw still wrapped in fur, bejewelled, disbelieving. Their fates? The same. Read Here

6. The first step to fighting anti-Semitism is recognizing how irrational it is

By Deborah E. Lipstadt

Anti-Semitism makes people stupid. It is delusional, ascribing to Jews contradictory qualities. For example, according to anti-Semites Jews are both capitalists and communists. Anti-Semites accuse Jews of being clannish and sticking together and, at the same time, charge them with being pushy and wanting to be accepted in circles that have no desire to accept them. What then can we do about it? If it is irrational must we simply throw up our hands in defeat? I think not. We must expose its conspiratorial, irrational, and delusional nature. We must challenge others who engage in it. Read Here

7. Oppose Iran Sanctions, but Support BDS Against Israel?

By Jonathan S. Tobin

Omar deserves credit for illustrating not merely the hypocrisy of BDS, but how it treats Israel differently from other countries. She tweeted: “This makes no sense. Sanctions are economic warfare.” Omar, however, doesn’t oppose all sanctions. She has repeatedly endorsed the BDS movement against Israel. She thinks the one Jewish state on the planet should be subjected to the same kind of economic warfare. So if you support BDS against Israel but oppose sanctions against Iran — a brutal theocracy that oppresses its own people, seeks to impose its brand of Islamist tyranny on others via terrorism, and is dedicated to the goal of destroying Israel — then you are not merely being hypocritical. Singling out Jews for treatment that you think not even one of the worst governments on earth deserves is a form of bias that is indistinguishable from anti-Semitism. Read Here

8. It’s time to call violent anti-Semitism what it is: domestic terrorism


Current law defines domestic terrorism as a dangerous act occurring within U.S. territory that violates criminal laws in ways that are “intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.” The violent anti-Semitic attacks we have recently witnessed in America are intended to do just that — intimidate and create fear among innocent civilians. These anti-Semitic hate crimes are acts of domestic terrorism. We must continue to stand together to demand that our elected officials do more to ensure our security, and take action to protect it. One important measure for doing so is by recognizing and punishing violent anti-Semitism for what it is — domestic terrorism. Read Here



                (3 Pieces) 

1.First empirical evidence shows anti-Israel faculty promotes boycotts in their classrooms


Faculty who support the academic boycott of Israel are actively promoting BDS directly to students in their classrooms, according to a report released by the AMCHA Initiative. The study, which examined 50 syllabi at 40 colleges and universities over an 11-year period, revealed that academic BDS-supporting instructors had an average of 78% of their course readings authored by BDS supporters, whereas non-BDS-supporting instructors had an average of 17% of their course readings authored by BDS supporters. Read Here

 Read The Full Report Here

2. What do Americans think of the BDS movement, aimed at Israel? And does it matter for the US election?

By Shibley Telhami

Nearly half of respondents (49%) said they have heard about BDS at least “a little.” A majority of respondents, including a large majority of Republicans, said they opposed the movement. But the story was different among Democrats, who said they had heard at least “a little” about the movement: A plurality, 48%, said they supported the movement, while only 15% said they opposed it. A majority of the 16% of Democrats who said they had heard “a good amount” or “a great deal” about BDS supported it (66%), compared with 37% among those who said they heard just “a little.” Read Here

3. In New Jersey, reported bias crimes increased by 65 percent in 2019


Based on preliminary figures, 944 bias incidents were reported in New Jersey in 2019, a 65% increase from the previous year. This is the largest number of reported bias crimes since 1996, and the largest year-over-year increase since bias reporting standards were implemented in 1991. A New Jersey State Police report found that 172 anti-Jewish bias incidents were reported in 2018, which accounted for 30% of the total number. Read Here



Combat Anti-Semitism is proud to be a partner of The Jewish Federations of North America, which protects and enhances the well-being of Jews worldwide and provides services that build the capacity of local Jewish communities. Learn more about their important work in the video below.

1. In This Time of Crisis, the Jewish Community Must Do More — and We Will

By Eric D. Fingerhut and Mark Wilf

People may be asking what the leadership of the Jewish community in America is doing. The answer is that we are dramatically accelerating work on safety and security. The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue building in Pittsburgh will likely be looked back on as our community’s own 9/11. The urgency of building out security systems across communities, large and small, is now clear to all. The Chanukah attacks in New York, so soon after the Jersey City attack, will be viewed as a moment when the process of securing our community accelerated dramatically and began to reach critical mass. No further evidence is needed — just purposeful, effective and clear action to complete the security umbrella for the Jewish community. We will do it. Read Here

 The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) represents 146 Jewish Federations and over 300 Network communities, which raise and distribute more than $3 billion annually and through planned giving and endowment programs to support social welfare, social services and educational needs. The Federation movement, collectively among the top 10 charities on the continent, protects and enhances the well-being of Jews worldwide through the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (charity and social justice) and Torah (Jewish learning). In the fields of caregiving, aging, philanthropy, disability, foreign policy, homeland security and health care, we are thought leaders and advocates. JFNA provides services that build the capacity of local Jewish communities. We help Federations learn from one another, build affinity groups, and provide training, collateral materials and seed funding for innovation.



This section also highlights the work of government officials around the world that are combating anti-Semitism in their official capacities.

               (15 Pieces)   

1. Elan Carr: Anti-Semitism is global problem that requires global solution


“It’s very important we call anti-Semitism by its name,” said Elan Carr, United States special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, at a talk in New York City. Carr said “the remedy for anti-Semitism isn’t censorship because often it is protected speech. The remedy is condemnation. “The eggshell walking has to end and we have to fight the inclination to nuance anti-Semitism,” he stressed. Read Here

2. Elan Carr: Iran Is the ‘World’s Chief Trafficker in Anti-Semitism’


During the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s Global Efforts to Combat Anti-Semitism hearing, United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Elan Carr called Iran is a leading exporter of anti-Semitism worldwide. Carr replied, “Iran is not only the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, it is the world’s chief trafficker in anti-Semitism. The Islamic Republic of Iran has pushed anti-Semitic dogma throughout the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world beyond the Middle East.” He pointed to radical Islamists perpetuating anti-Semitic violence throughout Europe as an example of Iran’s anti-Semitic propaganda metastasizing outside the Middle East. “What happens in the Middle East directly affects the European street and in many cases, the U.S. college campus,” Carr said. Read Here


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) called out anti-Semitism and the BDS movement, in addition to accusing a think tank of supporting hatred against Jews. In a speech on the Senate floor , Cotton said “These heinous attacks are part of a growing storm of anti-Semitism that has made Jewish Americans fearful to worship and walk the streets in their own communities. Anti-Semitism is the ancient hatred, but today can appear in new disguises. It festers on the Internet message boards and social media.” The senator went on to call out a the Quincy Institute, backed by the unlikely billionaire duo of George Soros and Charles Koch. Read Here

4. Congressmen introduce resolution aimed at reducing anti-Semitism


Three congressmen, Ted Budd (R-NC), Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and David Kustoff (R-TN), have introduced H. Res. 782 in order to combat anti-Semitism in the US. The resolution is designed to encourage public schools to teach a curriculum on the history of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. It will also note the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, the BDS Movement and the ongoing issue of anti-Semitism in American society. The bill further calls for cooperation between federal law enforcement and state and local officials to hold perpetrators of anti-Semitism to account. Read Here

5. Cuomo Brings License Plate Readers To Rockland Jewish Community

By Lanning Taliaferro

Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared in Rockland County to announce a project to put electronic license plate readers in the local Jewish community. The governor is directing $340,000 for the village of New Square to install license plate reader technology, which was used to catch the Monsey attacker, as well as other security cameras. The governor is directing up to $340,000 to the Town of Ramapo to install the same technology on roads in and around Monsey. Read Here

6. New York lawmaker proposes changes to controversial bail-reform law


New York Democratic Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein is pushing for changes to the state’s new bail-reform law, which allows for people charged with certain crimes to be released from jail prior to a trial without posting bail. The new bail law is facing a backlash, in light of the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in New York City. Eichenstein represents heavily Orthodox communities in Brooklyn. Under the current law, bail is eliminated for people facing misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Read Here

7. NYC to Install 100 New Security Cameras in Brooklyn in Effort to Halt Anti-Semitic Crimes

By NBC 4 New York

New York City will install 100 new security cameras in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in an effort to prevent anti-Semitic attacks, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced. The new cameras will be installed in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park. Read Here

8. Lawmaker pushes for 24-hour notice of hate crimes in NYC communities

By Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech

A new bill introduced into the New York City Council would notify communities within 24 hours of a hate crime. The bill, sponsored by Brooklyn City Council Member Mark Treyger, not only requires that the Office of the Prevention of Hate Crimes notify impacted communities that a hate crime has occurred, but also how the the administration is responding to the attack and what resources are available for the affected community. The bill also requires hate crime notifications for the mayor, the city council speaker, the public advocate and the city council member representing the district where the hate crime occurred. Read Here

9. Four European Countries Might Be Added to Anti-Semitism Watchlist

By Josh Christenson

Anti-Semitism watchdogs are calling on the Trump administration to designate France, Sweden, Germany, and the UK as countries of concern due to the rapid rise of anti-Jewish hate crimes. At a hearing of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, notable human rights activist, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, advised the commission to add the four major European countries to its Tier II watchlist for anti-Semitism. Each of the four countries identified by Cooper saw alarming increases in anti-Semitic assaults and hate crimes committed in recent years. Read Here

10. Gottheimer, Rose Condemn Anti-Semitic Remarks at New York School

By InsiderNJ

U.S. Congressmen Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) and Max Rose (NY-11), wrote to the leadership of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School (ECFS) to condemn a recent incident in which a guest speaker made anti-Semitic remarks comparing Jews to the Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust.  “There should be no place in our national discourse for hate-filled speech targeting any group.” “As Jewish Members of Congress dedicated to combatting anti-Semitism, we would like to understand how such a speaker could be invited to address ECFS students, what steps the school has taken to hold those responsible accountable, how the school has communicated to students and parents that such rhetoric is unacceptable, and how ECFS will implement processes to prevent future incidents.” Read Here

11. Isaac Herzog: “There is very clear conflict between the free world and Iran’s dark axis”

By Arutz Sheva Staff

Chairman of The Jewish Agency Isaac Herzog met in Athens, Greece, with the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis to address the wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe and told the Greek Prime Minister. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “We are relentlessly fighting all forms of anti-Semitism. This is a very important issue, for me personally as well. I plan on visiting Auschwitz with my wife, in memory of all the Greek Jews who perished there.” The meeting was held after a triple summit between Isaac Herzog, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad Kostas Vlasis, and Cypriot Presidential Commissioner for Overseas Cypriots Photis Photiou. The summit was held to discuss a new Jewish Agency project, in cooperation with the governments of Greece and Cyprus, to build connections between the diasporas of the three nations and to increase cooperation in the fight against anti-Semitism and racism. Read Here

12. EU gives $1.1 million toward preserving Jewish burial sites


The European Union has allocated $1.1 million toward mapping and preserving Jewish burial grounds. The European Commission announced its decision to extend the funding to the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, or ESJF. The group uses innovative tools, ranging from mapping drones to Nazi aerial photography archives, to preserve what the Council of Europe said in 2012 were “vulnerable” sites. Read Here

13. French Senator Takes Aim at Legal Protection for ‘Murderous Predators’ as Anger Over Sarah Halimi Trial Decision Persists

By Ben Cohen

A prominent French senator announced her intention to fundamentally revise her country’s laws on criminal responsibility, following a decision by prosecutors to excuse from trial Kobili Traore. Nathalie Goulet, who represents the centrist UDI Party, said her primary goal was to defend the victims of such attacks. “The bill I am tabling is not intended to deny dementia or irresponsibility,” Goulet said. “It aims to clarify the law, and above all to strengthen the rights of the victims of these murderous predators who use our legislation to evade their responsibility.” Read Here

14. Lord Mann uses maiden House of Lords speech to praise voters for rejecting ‘extremism of anti-Semitism’

By Lee Harpin

Lord Mann has used his maiden speech in the House of Lords to celebrate the defeat of both former Labour MPs Chris Williamson and George Galloway at last month’s general election, hailing the British electorate’s rejection of “the extremism of anti-Semitism”. “Across the entirety of the country, people are saying, very vocally and unequivocally, ‘We reject the extremism of anti-Semitism.’” Read Here

15. Lord Polak: British taxpayers fund Palestinian ‘pay-for-slay’ terror campaign


Lord Baron Stuart Polak, president of Conservative Friends of Israel, rebuked the United Nations for fixating on the world’s only Jewish state, while congratulating his own government on new legislation making it illegal for local councils to implement boycotts against Israel. The baron also raised the question of the Palestinian Authority’s terroristic practice of “pay to slay,” making it clear that the government has an obligation to ensure that British taxpayer money go to those in need, as opposed to rewarding terrorists convicted of heinous crimes and their families. Read Here



                (15 Pieces)

A Holocaust class at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, a majority African-American Catholic school in Brooklyn, recently listened respectfully as Amy Goldberg, the wife of the late Holocaust survivor Ernest Michel, related her husband’s harrowing story of surviving Auschwitz. Goldberg offered personal anecdotes about what it was like for her husband to cover the Nazi trials at Nuremberg as a journalist and why he refused to cover up his Auschwitz tattoo. Goldberg’s visit was organized by Lindsay Bressman, the director of Civic Spirit, which supports civic education in Jewish and Catholic schools. Bressman believes teaching students about the Holocaust is especially important today. “This is part of a bigger story, and I think it’s important for these students who never learn about that to understand that when Jews see in the news these targeted killings, they think about the Holocaust, they think about the Spanish Inquisition and the many times that thousands of Jews were killed.”  Read Here

2. Thousands on LI march in Mineola against anti-Semitism 

By Rachelle Blidner

More than two thousand Long Islanders walked side by side to march against anti-Semitism, proclaiming their unity in the face of a rise in hate crimes across the region. They marched from the state Supreme Court in Mineola up the steps of the Nassau County Legislature. Religous leaders, politicians and community advocates from throughout Long Island then spoke of their own experiences with anti-Semitism and proposed ways to combat it through education and law enforcement. Read Here

3. Brooklyn Nets warm up in ‘No Place For Hate’ shirts with Anti-Defamation League logo


The Brooklyn Nets warmed up in shirts that read “No Place For Hate” and bore the logo of the Anti-Defamation League before a game against the Atlanta Hawks at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The campaign was started as the number of anti-Semitic attacks has risen recently across the New York area, particularly in the borough of Brooklyn. Read Here

4. After taxi was spray-painted with swastikas, northern Alberta community rallied to help owner


The owner of Athabasca Go Cab says he is heartened by how the northern Alberta community has come together to help him after his cab — the only one in his fleet — recently had swastikas spray-painted on it. “I can’t even explain how much support me and my family are getting,” Ryan Hamzeh said. “This is definitely an act of cowardice and a low-life thing [to do],” he added. “I think it’s an individual that has nothing to do with the community. According to Hamzeh, two local businesses — Home Hardware and Athabasca Glass — have offered to help him clean off the spray-paint. Read Here

5. 500 college students land in Israel for ‘Christian Birthright’


Passages, known informally as a “Christian version of Birthright” for college students, celebrated their fifth anniversary in Jerusalem with more than 500 participants from the US at an event that was attended by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Passages plans to bring a total of 10,000 Christian college students to Israel by the end of this year. Introducing them to the roots of their biblical faith and building bridges between Israel and the United States, the students visit numerous holy Christian sites throughout Israel. Read Here

6. Israeli military veterans give self-defense classes to Monsey residents after machete attack

By Ben Cohn and Yaron Steinbuch 

Residents in Monsey are taking a page from the battle-hardened Israeli military to learn self-defense in the wake of the recent machete attack and other anti-Semitic incidents. Congregants packed a synagogue in the Rockland County community, where Israeli veterans who run Cherev Gidon, a Pennsylvania-based training academy, taught them how to use a variety of firearms. Read Here

7. Monsey survivor gives invocation at New York State of the State address


Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, whose home was the site of the Monsey stabbing, delivered an invocation at Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address. Joseph Gluck, the man who stopped the attacker by throwing a coffee table at his head, was also in attendance and received a standing ovation. “May it be your will that we all join together in the struggle to see divine dignity in all of humanity,” Rottenberg said. “Father in heaven, bless and heal us. I will never forget the horror of that night. But I will also never forget how we continued to celebrate after the attack, how we continued to rejoice in the miracle of Hanukkah. I will never forget the resilience on display, the resilience of Jewish people and the resilience of New York.” Read Here

8. NAACP, ADL announce partnership to educate public officials against hate in NJ


The most prominent anti-discrimination organizations in the African-American and Jewish communities are partnering to combat hate in New Jersey. The ADL and the NAACP will collaborate to educate elected officials against hate, host a series of listening sessions with constituents of both groups and respond jointly to incidents of hate in the state. Read Here

9. SC politicians, clergy rally in Charleston against anti-Semitic harassment and violence

By Fleming Smith

The local Jewish community in Charleston, joined by other religious and political leaders, said enough was enough — not just to a recent increase in anti-Semitic attacks, but to South Carolina’s status as one of just four states without hate crime legislation. The “No Hate, No Fear Solidarity Rally,” organized by the Charleston Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Charleston, responded to recent violence and harassment against the Jewish community. Read Here

10. Amid anti-Semitic attacks, 600 Jewish teens thank law enforcement at Long Branch gathering

By Ilana Keller 

Hundreds of Jewish teenagers honored and thanked law enforcement officials in Long Branch, New Jersey. The gesture was planned long before the recent rash of anti-Semitic attacks that have plagued the tri-state area, but took on even more meaning in its wake. The teens “expressed appreciation to law enforcement officers for keeping the local Jewish community safe,” organizers said. Read Here

11. Roman Abramovich ‘more supportive than ever’ as Chelsea owner after he commissions mural at Stamford Bridge to mark launch of club’s new anti-Semitism project


Roman Abramovich has been hailed as ‘even more supportive than ever’ at Chelsea, ahead of launching a new anti-Semitism art project at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea owner has commissioned a 12-metre mural at the Blues’ home ground that will pay tribute to three Jewish footballers sent to Nazi concentration camps in World War Two. Read Here

12. Egypt refurbishes synagogue in Alexandria, site dates back to 14th century


Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Anany is set to present the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria after major renovations carried out by the antiquities ministry and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The restoration cost $4 million. The Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue is one of two remaining Jewish religious institutions in Alexandria. One of the Middle East’s largest synagogues, it was built in the 1850s at the site of a 14th-century synagogue that was bombed during Napoleon’s invasion in 1798. Egypt has a tiny Jewish community, mostly made up of elderly members, though it once had a thriving community of between 75,000 and 80,000 in 1948, though they were expelled in the 1950s. Read Here

13. Hundreds denounce ‘virus of hate’ at Queens rally supporting Jewish community


Hundreds of people turned out for a rally in Forest Hills to denounce anti-Semitism. “As Jews we are the canary in the coal mine for any society that is starting to fail,” said organizer Jeff Kohn. The rally at MacDonald Park alongside Queens Boulevard was prompted by a rash of attacks on Jewish people in New York. Bishop Paul Sanchez from Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills said everyone is hurt by attacks on members of the community. “Any act of hate or anti-Semitism against one person is an act against all of us,” Sanchez said. Read Here

14. Fight against anti-Semitism goes viral with ‘Stop this Story’ campaign


The fight against the resurgence of anti-Semitism is being taken to social media in an effort to broaden awareness of the problem and create a modern and relevant dialogue about this ancient scourge. The “Stop this Story!” campaign initiated by the European Jewish Congress has secured the support of global celebrities and influencers such as Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, actress Vanessa Kirby of the hit Netflix show The Crown, sex therapist and Holocaust survivor Dr. Ruth, former NBA player Omri Casspi and President Reuven Rivlin to help spread the message. Read Here

15. The woman behind Manhattan’s boldest billboards is now boosting Judaism

By Amy Spiro

If you’ve spent any time in New York City over the past 20 years, you’ve probably enjoyed Archie Gottesman’s handiwork. For decades, Gottesman was the genius behind the viral billboards for Manhattan Mini Storage. Today, Gottesman has turned her knack for witty one-liners toward marketing something else entirely: Judaism. Together with Stacy Stuart, her longtime advertising partner, Gottesman launched JewBelong, an organization working to reach out to Jews who are disconnected, disengaged and sometimes intimidated by participating in Jewish events or rituals. Read Here


“Combat anti-Semitism (CAS) is a non-partisan, global grassroots movement of interfaith individuals and organizations united to combat anti-Semitism. CAS exposes anti-Semitic activity from across the ideological spectrum and highlights those working to fight against its resurgence. One of the most pernicious forms of modern anti-Semitism is the effort to deny and delegitimize the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and their profound historic, religious and cultural connection to their ancestral homeland, Israel. Humanity flourishes when religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity is respected, and we hope to encourage understanding and set an example through our work. Anti-Semitism is the oldest form of bigotry and by working to eliminate it, we hope tragedies like the holocaust or any incidents of hate inspired speech or violence perpetrated against the Jewish people, Israel, or any discriminated group are reduced significantly.”