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This contest is crowd-sourcing new solutions to help end “the world’s oldest hatred.” The contest is sponsored by the CombatAntiSemitism.org coalition. People of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities are encouraged to participate by creatively addressing one of the categories below:

Round 1 Deadline: December 1, 2019

Enter Online at combatantisemitism.org/contest.

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CAS is pleased to announce that student leaders at the University of Pennsylvania Hillel & AEPi have have signed the Combat Anti-Semitism pledge and are working on campus to have more students join the movement!



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The Pueblo, CO synagogue that was the target of a bombing plot plans to add surveillance cameras to enhance security that was already tightened in response to the deadly Pittsburgh synagogue attack. The cameras will help keep watch on activity outside and will be something that can be monitored remotely by its members through their phones. Read Here 

2. Security cameras could be coming to Fall River’s Oak Grove Cemetery

By Peter Jasinski

Motivated in part by the anti-Semitic vandalism witnessed at Fall River, MA’s Hebrew Cemetery earlier this year, local officials are considering installing security cameras at Oak Grove Cemetery. Fall River made news when 60 gravestones at the city’s Hebrew Cemetery were marked with anti-Semitic graffiti. That vandalism prompted an inquiry involving the FBI and a cleanup effort costing thousands of dollars. Read Here 

3. Two Iranians accused of spying on Jewish, Israeli targets in US plead guilty

By TOI Staff

Two Iranians who were charged with collecting information on Jewish targets in the US have pleaded guilty to acting on behalf of Tehran. The pair collected intelligence on entities and individuals considered to be enemies of the Iranian regime, including college campus Jewish centers. Read Here

4. NYPD expects arrests in string of anti-Semitic encounters

By Craig McCarthy

The NYPD expects to soon collar a group of young bullies who terrorized a handful of Orthodox Jews by chasing them on Borough Park streets with flashlights while screaming anti-Semitic language. “The Hate Crimes Task Force has been plugged in on this from the start,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said. Detectives believe the people in the group range in age from 15 to 20 years old. Read Here

Turtles at Gene Coulon Park in Renton, WA were found with white swastikas painted on their shells — and wildlife officials are struggling to catch the offensive critters so they can be cleaned off. Police received calls about the anti-Semitic snappers and tried with no luck to wrangle them. Read Here

Residents in Bradenton, FL found swastikas and racial slurs drawn on structures. Residents believe the person used mulch to draw hate symbols on the walls. The neighbors stepped up to get the graffiti cleaned up. Read Here

A Halloween-themed display at a Westbury, NY catering hall has been labeled offensive by Jewish leaders, who said that the “Zombie Holocaust Shelter” was in bad taste and anti-Semitic. Westbury Manor general manager Jerry Scotto said he didn’t agree with the words on the display, which was part of a fundraiser held by Westbury Arts, but he said he was sure they were not intended to offend. Read Here


By Melissa Lemieux

Hanson Richard Larkin plead guilty to sending threatening text messages to an internet acquaintance who wished no further contact from him. He traveled by train to Orlando to see this person, all the while sending anti-Semitic text messages and threatening to do violence against Jewish persons. Read Here

9. Dead chickens found in a dug up Jewish grave in Connecticut


Police are investigating whether someone dug up human remains and placed dead chickens in a grave at a Jewish cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut. A grave digger said that the grave had a hole and was full of water and two dead chickens floating in it when he found it. Read Here

10. Teen Arrested In Connection To Alleged Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes In Brooklyn

By CBS New York

A teenager has been arrested in connection to a series of anti-Semitic crimes in Brooklyn. Police say the 16-year-old was arrested and is facing harassment charges in connection to four incidents. Police are searching for three other suspects. Read Here

11. Prosecutors seize New Jersey man’s rifle over his alleged anti-Semitism

By Suzanne Ciechalski and David K. Li

Prosecutors seized the rifle of a south New Jersey man, accusing him of anti-Semitism and advocating for the killing of Jewish people. David Greco, a 51-year-old who lives in Gloucester Township, was targeted by Camden County prosecutors under a new state law, the “Extreme Risk Protective Order Act,” that allows authorities to seize guns from a person shown to be a potential risk. Read Here



Embedded among the chat logs from a neo-Nazi message board are anti-Semitic remarks written by U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Liam J. Collins, 20, a rifleman with 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment. active-duty U.S. Marine Corps infantryman. At least three members of the U.S. military were posters on the message board of Iron March, an “influential online gathering place for young neo-Nazis. Read Here

13. About 75 headstones toppled at Jewish cemetery in Nebraska


Police say about 75 headstones have been toppled and more than $50,000 in damage caused at the Temple Israel Cemetery in northeastern Omaha. Read Here

14. Chicago Islamic Scholar Omar Baloch: Israel Arms And Trains ISIS, Uses It To Destabilize The Region, Advance Its Plans For ‘Greater Israel


Chicago Islamic Scholar Omar Baloch said in a video on his YouTube channel ISIS is now fighting the Taliban because “you will always find ISIS in places that are running a Zionist agenda [for] Greater Israel.” He said that Israel created ISIS in order to weaken Muslims by alienating them from ideas like an Islamic state, Jihad, and Muslim unity. Read Here

15. Man Arrested Over Plot to Bomb Colorado Synagogue Allegedly Urinated on Thousand Oaks Chabad

By Aaron Bandler

The 27-year-old man arrested over a plot to bomb a synagogue allegedly urinated on a Thousand Oaks, CA  synagogue in 2018. Detectives found a video of Richard Holzer on his social media committing the act in January 2018 at the Chabad of Thousand Oaks. Read Here

16. Rep. Ilhan Omar accused of anti-Semitism before CAIR gala speech

By Jon Levine

New anti-Semitism accusations are swirling around Rep. Ilhan Omar for a tweet referencing possible presidential contender Michael Bloomberg and philanthropist Leon G. Cooperman that left critics crying “dog-whistle.” The tweet came in response to a CNBC article revealing that Cooperman would be supporting Bloomberg in his presidential bid. “I wonder why,” Omar said, adding a suspicious “hmmm” emoji. Bloomberg and Cooperman are both billionaires — and both Jewish. The message came just before Omar was to address the Council of American Islamic Relations in Washington, DC. Read Here

17. Mother Of Jewish Children Pelted With Eggs Tells CBS2 ‘Our Community Is Not Safe Anymore’

By CBS New York

Community leaders are demanding action after a series of egg attacks on Jewish targets in Brooklyn. Police said a synagogue was vandalized with eggs in Borough Park. An hour later, two children were pelted with eggs as they walked home from synagogue. Then three boys were seen hurling eggs at a 50-year-old woman and child. The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is now investigating.  Read Here



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Editorial: To all our fellow British citizens

By The JC Leader

This leader — and front page — is addressed not to our usual readers but to those who would not normally read the Jewish Chronicle. In other words, to non-Jews. History has forced our community to be able to spot extremism as it emerges — and Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in 2015 is one such example. If this man is chosen as our next prime minister, the message will be stark: that our dismay that he could ever be elevated to a prominent role in British politics, and our fears of where that will lead, are irrelevant. We will have to conclude that those fears and dismay count for nothing. Read Here

Jewish Labour Movement lambasts Chris Williamson’s ‘racist’ resignation letter

By Mathilde Frot

The Jewish Labour Movement has lambasted Chris Williamson’s “racist” resignation letter for employing “the anti-Semitic trope that the Israeli government is meddling in British politics.” Williamson handed in his resignation letter and accused Labour of executing a “witch hunt against socialists loyal to Jeremy Corbyn.” He claimed JLM was “revived in 2015 at the same time the State of Israel launched a diplomatic strategy to delegitimise Palestinian activism on the left and normalise Zionism in our movement.”  Read Here

Ian Austin calls for McDonnell apology after backing Boris Johnson at election

By Jewish News Reporter

Former Labour minister Ian Austin has demanded an apology from shadow chancellor John McDonnell for claiming he is “employed by the Tories.” Austin announced his decision to quit Parliament and urged voters to back Conservatives to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street. The former Labour MP quit the party over what he claimed was a “culture of extremism, anti-Semitism and intolerance.”  Read Here

Labour officials accused of covering up MP hopeful’s anti-Semitism

By Lee Harpin

Labour Party officials are facing damning new claims of a cover-up of blatant anti-Semitism by a candidate selected to fight next month’s general election. Staff in Labour’s compliance unit told Labour MP hopeful Kate Ramsden she could remain if she deleted a blog comparing the actions of Israel to a child abuser. In a reference to Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, she wrote: “Like many abusers, unable to reflect on their own abuse, and ending up recreating it in the abuse of others, exerting their power in those weaker than themselves because once they were the powerless.”  Read Here

Red paint daubed on Brighton shul on eve of Kristallnacht anniversary

By Jewish News Reporter

Blood red paint has been thrown over the door of the historic Middle Street Synagogue in Brighton on the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Worshippers found the doors to the 144-year-old building had been splashed with a dark substance. The anti-Semitic vandalism has been slammed as “cowardly” as it came on the 81st anniversary of the infamous Nazi attack on Jewish stores and buildings. Read Here

Canvey residents shocked as cars branded with swastikas on Remembrance Sunday

By Joe Davies

Vandals spray painted cars and garages with swastikas and anti-Semitic messages on the same day the nation remembers those who died in conflict. Canvey Island residents found a trail of destruction left behind by the vandals. Canvey is a town known for its proud Jewish links, with many orthodox communities creating a home there in the past few years. Read Here

Dame Margaret Hodge refuses to endorse Corbyn as Prime Minister

By Jewish News Reporter

Jeremy Corbyn is facing further pressure over anti-Semitism after one of the party’s most prominent Jewish figures declined to endorse him as prime minister. Dame Margaret Hodge refused to be drawn on whether she would prefer to see the Labour leader or Boris Johnson in Number 10, saying a government is “more than any individual”. Read Here

A Senior Labour Politician Sang “Hey Jews” To The Song “Hey Jude”

By Alex Wichham

A senior Labour politician changed the lyrics of the Beatles song “Hey Jude” to “Hey Jews” during a late-night bus journey last year. Dan Carden, who is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn and serves in his shadow cabinet as the shadow international development secretary, sang the adapted version of the song while on a raucous coach trip back from Cheltenham festival. Read Here

Brexit Party candidate discovered to have founded a Nazi-themed band

By Aleks Phillips

Graham Cushway, the Brexit Party candidate for Brighton Kemptown, co-founded a Luftwaffe-themed metal band in which he performed wearing SS-style clothing and Iron Crosses. The former UKIP candidate played bass for Stuka Squadron — so named after Junkers Ju 87 dive bomber planes used in the Second World War. Read Here


Kippah-wearing man attacked at German fitness studio

BY Cnaan Liphshiz

Samuel Kantorovych, 19, was attacked while wearing a kippah in the locker room after working out at a gym in Freiburg when a man tore off his kippah. The man threatened to beat him, called him a “dirty Jew” and shouted “Free Palestine” before spitting on the kippah and throwing it in the trash. There were 10 men in the room, but only one intervened…Kantorovych said he was “shocked” by the attack. “He looked at me and asked me ‘do you want me to beat you up? F–k off you dirty Jew!’ Read Here


BY Benjamin Weinthal

The German-Israeli Association elected as its new director, the Christian Democratic Union Party politician Uwe Becker, who pledged a more aggressive posture toward Chancellor Angela Merkel’s largely pro-Iranian regime and Hezbollah policies. Becker immediately called for a full ban of the terrorist entity Hezbollah in Germany and new sanctions targeting the Iranian regime. Read Here

Germany: Thousands protest against neo-Nazi march on Kristallnacht anniversary

By DW News

Thousands of people crowded the streets of the German city of Bielefeld to take part in a counterprotest against a neo-Nazi demonstration. Officials estimated that over 10,000 people took part in the counterprotest. Some 230 people took part in the neo-Nazi march, which was organized by the extremist The Right (“Die Rechte”) party, to call for the release of Ursula Haverbeck, a 91-year-old Holocaust denier. The neo-Nazi demonstration sparked further anger from counterprotesters, as it took place on the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht. Read Here


By Benjamin Weinthal

The Free Democratic Party urged Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration to outlaw the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah in Germany while the EU’s commissioner to combat anti-Semitism went mum on whether the European states should ban the Shi’ite movement. Despite rising anti-Semitism in Germany, Merkel and her social democratic coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party, are flatly against banning Hezbollah. Read Here


By Benjamin Weinthal

Stephan Brandner, a leading parliamentarian with the far-right AFD party faced heavy criticism after he deployed a notorious anti-Semitic trope in which he invoked the Biblical figure of Judas Iscariot, towards one of Germany’s top recording artists. The representation of Judas as emblematic of inherent Jewish deceitfulness became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages.  Read Here


UAE said readying to open doors to Israeli tourists, starting with 2020 Expo

By TOI Staff

The United Arab Emirates intends to allow Israeli tourists to freely visit the country and is engaged in high-level talks with Israeli authorities to put the policy into practice. Israelis will initially be allowed to enter the UAE so that they can attend the Expo 2020 world fair in Dubai. However, UAE sources confirmed that the intention is to leave the door open to Israeli visitors even after the exhibition closes. Read Here

Another Iranian Wrestler is “Injured” before a Match with an Israeli

By IranWire

In the quarter-finals of Under-23 World Championship in Hungary, Iran’s 55kg representative Pouya Nasserpour was allegedly severely injured with a broken ankle and could not continue the tournament. After his Japanese contender reached the finals, Nasserpour had to face the Israeli wrestler Maksym Vysotskyi to fight over the bronze medal; allegedly, this was not acceptable to the Islamic Republic, so they used the old “injury” trick coaches have ready for Iranian athletes to avoid competing against Israelis.  Read Here

Former Jordanian Health Minister Dr. Zaid Hamzeh: We Arabs Supported Hitler During WWII Because He Hated The Jews

By Espace Manager

Former Jordanian Health Minister Dr. Zaid Hamzeh said in an interview on Jordanian TV that he had supported Adolf Hitler during World War II like other Arabs, and recalled that in fourth grade, his school had participated in demonstrations and chanted “Long live Abu Ali,” which he said had been a reference to Hitler. Dr. Hamzeh said that the Arabs supported Hitler because he hated the Jews. . Read Here


French leftist leader says Jews promote ‘violent sectarianism’

By Algemeiner Staff

 Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the French left-wing France Unbowed party accused French Jews of inciting violence against him and promoting “violent and aggressive sectarianism.” He inveighed against the CRIF federation of Jewish communities during a televised interview saying, “Sectarianism has always been a problem for the republican idea,” Take CRIF. It practices blatant, violent and aggressive sectarianism, namely against me, right?” Melenchon went on to call CRIF “bizarre, folkloristic and ridiculous.” Read Here

Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats


Liliana Segre, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in Italy has been assigned police guards for protection after receiving hundreds of threats on social media for calling on parliament to establish a committee to combat hate.
Read Here

Italian far-right leader denies downplaying threats to Holocaust survivor


Italian far-right leader Matteo Salvini denied minimizing threats made to 89-year-old Holocaust survivor and senator for life Liliana Segre, which prompted her to be given police protection. “Being anti-Semitic in 2019 is the stuff of the mentally ill. I do not minimize anything,” Salvini told journalists in Florence, the day after he said, “I get threats too, every day.” Read Here

UNESCO to vote on cutting ties with Belgian carnival where Jews were mocked

By Canaan Liphshiz

The annual parade in Belgium that featured a float with effigies of grinning Jews holding money with rats on their shoulders is formally facing removal of its UNESCO credentials. A vote is scheduled for next month on the removal of the Aalst carnival from the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, according to the agenda published this week for a meeting in Colombia of UNESCO’s committee responsible for the list. Read Here



Anti-Semitic graffiti was painted outside the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tarongers at the University of Valencia in Spain. The graffitti read “Jews, gas chamber” and “Jewish garbage.” Read Here

On Kristallnacht Anniversary, Yellow Stars Appear on Jewish Homes in Scandinavia

By Cnaan Liphshiz

Stickers shaped like yellow stars that Nazis made Jews wear were placed on multiple Jewish sites in Denmark and Sweden on the Kristallnacht anniversary. In Denmark, the stickers were found on the mailbox of Ella and Henrik Chievitz, a Jewish couple from Silkeborg, on the home of another Jewish family in the Copenhagen area and on the Jewish cemetery of Randers. In Sweden, the same stickers were found at the Bajit Jewish café and also on the Great Synagogue of Stockholm. Jewish buildings in Helsingborg, Sweden and Norrkoping also received the stickers.  Read Here

Mural near synagogue and a Jewish school is defaced with a swastika in Melbourne, Australia

By Stephen Johnson

A wall mural has been defaced with a Nazi swastika only two blocks away from a synagogue and a Jewish school in Melbourne. A Jewish man saw the confronting graffiti as he walked to his local place of worship. A painting of a boy with a stick was defaced to feature a red Nazi swastika on his right arm and the numbers 666 on his shirt in reference to the devil. Read Here

Brazilian Jews slam magazine that likened Jewish politician to Goebbels

By Marcus Gilban

Several Brazilian Jewish groups are condemning a magazine news article that likened a local Jewish senior politician to Nazi Germany’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Istoe magazine published an article titled “Goebbels of the Planalto” – a reference to Brazil’s presidential palace – that highlights the fact that Brazil’s Secretary of Communications Fabio Wajngarten is Jewish and suggests a Jewish conspiracy to back recent advertising budget cuts to media outlets that are not allied with the government. Read Here

BDS Pressures Argentina, Uruguay to Boycott Soccer Match in Israel

By United With Israel Staff

Anti-Israel BDS activists are pressuring Argentina’s national team, led by superstar Lionel Messi, to stay away from playing in Israel. An exhibition match between Argentina and Uruguay has been scheduled to take place on November 19 in Tel Aviv. In a statement from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel posted by an extreme anti-Israel website, the boycott organizers boast, “Last year, letters from Palestine, a huge outpouring on social media and actions on the ground in Buenos Aires convinced Argentina to cancel a planned friendly match in Jerusalem.” Read Here

EU Court Mandates Labeling of Israeli Settlement Products


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Nov. 12 that products emanating from Israeli settlements in the West Bank must be labeled as originating from Israeli-occupied territory, the Times of Israel reports. Read Here



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1. Jewish, Pro-Israel Groups Raise Alarm Over Upcoming Anti-Israel Event at University of Massachusetts

By Benjamin Kerstein

84 Jewish and pro-Israel groups signed a letter to Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Kumble Subbaswamy raising alarm over the upcoming anti-Israel event, “Criminalizing Dissent: The Attack on BDS & American Democracy,” that the letter charges will be a purely political and extremist gathering that should not have UMass sponsorship. Slated speakers are political activist Linda Sarsour, Cornel West and BDS movement leader Omar Barghouti. The letter said that past statements of these activists “draw on classic anti-Semitic tropes.” Read Here

2. Report Says SJP Promulgates ‘Blatant Forms of Anti-Semitism’

By Darvin Nelson & Rachel Tucker

According to multiple students at the University of North Florida, there has been an alarming neo-Nazi presence on campus in the form of promotional posters making inflammatory statements such as “Its Okay To Genocide Subhumans” and “The Struggle Never Ends. Join The F.K.D.” The F.K.D., meaning Feuerkrieg Division, “calls for violence against their enemies” and destruction of “the system,” which they believe is controlled by the Jews.
Read Here


A George Washington University student called Jewish individuals “pieces of sh*t” on Snapchat. In the video an un-filmed individual asked the student, “What are we going to do to Israel?” The woman responded, “Bro, we’re going to f*cking bomb Israel, bro. F*ck out of here, Jewish pieces of sh*t.” Read Here

4. I’m fearful for my safety’: Jewish Notts students on a Corbyn government

By Rubin Verebes

Jewish students at the University of Nottingham have said they are “scared” at the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government, and would consider leaving the country if he was elected, amid increasingly public concerns about Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis. From the crop of Jewish students interviewed, all of them held negative views of Corbyn and believe a Labour win would endanger the Jewish community and fuel Jew-hate in the UK. Read Here

The Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee distributed a pledge over house and student group email lists urging undergraduates to boycott Israel Trek, a free spring break trip to Israel and the West Bank. Emails promoting the pledge argue that the student-run trip is biased in favor of Israel and does not present attendees with an accurate picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Separate emails promoting Israel Trek point out that the trip includes conversations with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Read Here

The Archbishop of Canterbury has joined Jewish and non-Jewish peers in calling on the Government to put pressure on universities to ensure free speech on campus and to adopt a new definition of anti-Semitism. While universities are autonomous, Archbishop Justin Welby told ministers that simply asking the institutions to crack down over reports of “no-platforming, intimidation and lack of free speech” was not working.  Read Here

Anti-Israel Sarah Ihmoud has been rejected by Boston University for a position as a professor in the Sociology department but is still being considered for the Women’s studies department. Ihmoud, a postdoctoral associate wrote, “The rape and killing of Palestinian women was a central aspect of Israeli troops’ systematic massacres and evictions during the destruction of Palestinian villages in 1948,” in a paper titled “Sexual Violence, Women’s Bodies, and Israeli Settler Colonialism,” that she presented to the university. Read Here


By Paul Lungen

The York Federation of Students (YFS) reversed its previous decision to reject granting club status to a pro-Israel student group at York University in Toronto. On Oct. 10, YFS rejected Herut Canada’s application for club status, though no reasons were given. Pro-Israel students associated with Herut Canada faced intimidation and verbal abuse when it set up an information table at the university on Oct. 7. Dozens of anti-Israel students harassed anyone who came up to the table.
Read Here

9. Teton Valley, Idaho High school to reconsider Halloween tradition after student dresses as Hitler in jest

By Jeannette Boner

Two Teton High School students dressed as Adolf Hitler and the other as a Jewish person on Halloween. English teacher Marilyn Reiley stopped the students as they entered her class after they donned the costumes at lunch. The teacher made the students take off the costumes and explained that dressing like that was wrong. The student dressed as Hitler was pulling the student dressed as a Jewish person around with a leash. Read Here

The New Jersey Attorney General ‘s Office said there was probable cause to find The Marine Academy of Science and Technology high school failed to respond properly to anti-Semitic harassment of a female Jewish student, including fellow students’ scrawling “I H8 JEWS” at a school event, drawing swastikas on a cafeteria table and publicly read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” during “read” periods in class.  Read Here

11. Swastikas found at Glastonbury, CT elementary school

By Peter Marteka

Three swastikas were discovered on the wall of an auditorium at Gideon Welles School, the town’s building for sixth-graders. The swastikas were discovered by students in a school play. Superintendent Alan Bookman and Gideon Welles School principal Kent Hurlburt are working with the Anti-Defamation League on an anti-hate program for students. Read Here



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1. The Failed Halle Synagogue Massacre Reveals the Dysfunction of German Law

By Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

The failed attack on the synagogue in Halle, once again exposed the dysfunction of the law in the German liberal democracy. Efforts were made to draw attention away from the shortcomings of the police and authorities by blaming the German right-wing party, AfD. This backfired when an AfD parliamentarian exposed huge government shortcomings in the battle against extremists as well as anti-Israelism in mainstream German society. Read Here

In Boston, home to more than a quarter million Jews, online activity has turned into growing white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity on the ground. History has shown that it can be a short step from embracing white supremacist conspiracy theories online to deciding violence is the remedy. Authorities have redoubled their efforts around Boston to combat anti-Semitism. Baker has promoted the work of the state’s Hate Crimes Task Force; Walsh has called attention to the rising rates of incidents; and Boston and state police have increased patrols at synagogues.  Read Here

3. Jewish Life in Belgium, China-Israel Relations

By People of the Pod

This week Daniel Schwammenthal, Director of AJC’s Transatlantic Institute, joins People of the Pod from Brussels to talk about Jewish life in Belgium, which has seen a string of anti-Semitic incidents in recent years, and about AJC’s efforts to combat anti-Semitism across Europe. Then we sit down with Ambassador Matan Vilnai, Israel’s former envoy to China, to discuss the Jewish state’s relationship with the ascendant Asian power and what it means for Israel’s future. Listen Here

4. How to stop the horrifying resurgence of anti-Semitism

By Moshe Kantor

The Jews of the world must know that there is now a courageous and moral majority that stands solidly alongside them. For this, we need an international effort to confront anti-Semitism. Leaders need to cut off the oxygen given to those who seek to perpetrate attacks against Jews. There must be recognition that anti-Semitism is not the purview of one group or one ideology, but has a long and bloody history spanning numerous worldviews. “The Working Definition of Anti-Semitism” adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and by several of its member states, should become universally accepted in its entirety. Read Here

5. Kristallnacht remains relevant 81 years later

By JOnathan Tobin

It’s clear that the rising tide of anti-Semitism that has swept over the globe is not abating. Our problem is not recognizing that anti-Semitism exists, but how to calibrate our response so as to avoid the twin perils of hysteria and complacence. What is required of our Kristallnacht commemorations is a cool-headed willingness to call out hate wherever it occurs and to take whatever action is needed to ensure the safety of our communities. We must also be willing to understand that the Jews are not alone today the way they were in 1938. Nor, thanks to the existence of the State of Israel, are they powerless. Read Here

6. Same old anti-Semitism, different Jews

By Yair Lapid

While the anti-Semites might be the same as they always were, the Jews are not. Jews are done being afraid. We’ll fight back. In the legal arena, the press, if we need to use physical force – the State of Israel knows how to do that. In recent years there is a new excuse. Its because of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. They don’t care about human rights, they’re anti-Semites. They were silent while Assad murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people. They only start to shout when it comes to a democratic, law-abiding state which does everything in its power to protect human life. Why? Because it’s the Jews. And they hate Jews. They’re trying to delegitimize the Jewish people. Read Here

7. We moved to Colorado thinking it was safe for Jews. Were we wrong?

By Tera Johnson-Swartz

Colorado. Yeah, it would be perfect for our growing family. We’d get to live in a place where loving the outdoors isn’t a trend or catchphrase, it’s a way of life. Colorado was friendly and affordable and safe. But it’s a funny thing, that word: safe. A nagging voice in the back of my mind creeps up now and then: “No place is safe.” But that nagging voice — “no place is safe” — grew even louder this week. The news broke that a white supremacist was arrested for a plot to blow up a synagogue in Pueblo and in Boulder, a group of men dressed as Hasidic Jews passed out anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying literature. Hearing this, my heart sank. The attacks are coming closer together. They’re hitting closer to home. Read Here

8. A hate group gets a college hall pass

By Jonathan S. Tobin

Universities that once prided themselves on their defense of free speech against efforts to suppress dissent now go out of their way to provide “safe places” for those who are too sensitive to hear views that contradict their own biases. But there’s one particular kind of hate speech that is not suppressed but openly encouraged: anti-Semitism. What makes this trend more disturbing is those who are advocating anti-Semitism do so in the name of “justice.” SJP has became a hate group with a hall pass that gives it carte blanche to spread disinformation, as well as venomous libels about Jews that go unanswered by the responsible authorities and liberal groups that otherwise masquerade as crusaders against hate. SJP defines justice for Palestinians in such a way as to make it indistinguishable from the demonization of Jews. Read Here

9. Many Jews want Boris Johnson out. But how can we vote for Jeremy Corbyn?

By Jonathan Freedland

Many, Jews included, ask themselves how bad would it really be. Of course this isn’t the 1930s.. Whether Corbyn makes it to Downing Street or not, to realise that the historic party of social justice finds a little bit of racism acceptable for the sake of the larger cause, and that many millions of voters agree – well, that realisation contains its own heartbreak. It means that what we thought about this country wasn’t quite true. I understand that to many, all this will sound overwrought. I’m afraid that Jewish history has made us that way, prone to imagining the worst. We look at our sparse family trees and we can pick out the pessimists, those who panicked and got out. You see, the optimists, those who assumed things would work out for the best, they never made it out in time. Read Here



                (3 Pieces) 


By Jose Martinez

Reports of hate crimes targeting the Jewish community are surging in the subway, according to police statistics, a troubling trend that mirrors what’s bubbling outside of the transit system. As of October 20, the NYPD has logged 42 hate-crime complaints involving anti-Semitic acts in the subway this year, NYPD numbers show — a 162% increase over the number of incidents reported through that date in 2018.
Read the Full Report Here

2. Report finds uptick in “anti-Israel” activity on college campuses

By Axios

There’s an uptick in “anti-Israel” activity on American college campuses from the levels recorded over the past two years, per the 2019 Campus Trends Report published by the Israel on Campus Coalition. Of the 28 “anti-Israel” campaigns in 2018–19, 20 were “traditional BDS” actions, and eight were non-BDS anti-Israel resolutions.” “The 2018–19 academic year saw the highest recorded level of anti-Israel disruptions of pro-Israel events.” Read Here

3. Are these anti-Semitism figures high enough for you, Mr Corbyn?

By The JC Leader

Yet again, the six-monthly figures from the Community Security Trust show a record number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK, and a further 10% rise in the number recorded between January and June of this year and the same period in 2018. In all but two months since April 2016 there have been more than a hundred recorded incidents — a level of anti-Semitic abuse and attack that was previously seen only when Israel was at war. Read Here



Combat Anti-Semitism is proud to be a partner of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, which represents millions of Christians, churches, and denominations to the nation and people of Israel. Learn more about their important work in the video below

1. Christian group funding incoming flights of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel


In the aftermath of Israel approving immigration flights from Ethiopia, the first group of 80 Ethiopian newcomers arrived on flights organized by the Jewish Agency and funded by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). “The Christian Embassy is excited to be a partner with Israel in this latest wave of Ethiopian aliyah,” said ICEJ president Jürgen Bühler. “We know this is going to make a lot of Ethiopian Jewish families very happy to be reunited after such a long and difficult time of separation. The ICEJ has helped more than 142,000 Jews worldwide make aliyah, and is considered “the largest global pro-Israel Christian ministry.” Read Here

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection with the Jewish people. Today, it represents millions of Christians, churches, and denominations to the nation and people of Israel. We recognize in the restoration of the State of Israel God’s faithfulness to keep His ancient covenant with the Jewish people. Our main objectives are:To stand with Israel in support and friendship; To equip and teach the world wide Church regarding God’s purposes with Israel and the nations of the Middle East; To be an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians, and Arabs, and to support the churches and congregations in the Holy Land. From its head offices in Jerusalem, the ICEJ reaches out into more than 170 countries worldwide, with branch offices in over 90 nations.



This section also highlights the work of government officials around the world that are combating anti-Semitism in their official capacities.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the world to unite in the fight against anti-Semitism during a visit to the Halle synagogue in Germany. “The world must work together against this vicious attack against religious freedom, and in particular the religious freedom of the Jewish people.” The ceremony was also attended by German Foreign Minister Maas, Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog and JFNA head Eric Fingerhut. Read Here

US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Elan Carr along with Kara McDonald, the Consul General of the United States in Strasbourg for the Great East region in France, met recently with the Jewish community of Strasbourg, a city in northeastern France. “With a growth of anti-Semitic acts in the East of France, we must work together to fight these hateful acts,” Consul General McDonald said. Read Here

A bipartisan delegation of women members of Congress visited Israel to underline that there is “no daylight” between the Democratic and Republican parties when it comes to ensuring the strength of US-Israel relations, and in supporting Israel as a Jewish, democratic state, the leader of the group Debbie Wasserman Schultz said. Read Here

5. Senate to vote on Kristallnacht memorial resolution condemning anti-Semitism


A resolution commemorating Kristallnacht that notes the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway will soon be introduced in the Senate. The resolution, which will be introduced by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, recalls the pogroms that erupted in 1938 and proposes that the Senate recognize the Kristallnacht anniversary and pay tribute “to the more than 6,000,000 Jewish people killed during the Holocaust.” It also lists evidence of the growth of anti-Semitism in the US and Europe. The resolution further states that Senate “continues to support US efforts to address the horrible legacy of the Holocaust and combat manifestations of anti-Semitism domestically and globally.” Read Here

6. Nadler: Conditioning US Assistance to Israel is ‘Wrong’


Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that conditioning US assistance to Israel is “wrong.” “We have a $38 billion commitment over 10 years for military aid to Israel,” Nadler, who is the chairman of the US House Judiciary Committee, said. “The Israelis need it for defense.” The comments were in response to several democratic presidential candidates discussing the conditioning of aide at J Street’s conference. Read Here


By Eytan Halon

Ahead of the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog joined the rabbi of the Orthodox Synagogue of Berlin, Rabbi Yitzhak Ehrenberg, to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Herzog and Ehrenberg lit a memorial candle and recited Kaddish at the central Berlin synagogue, which was used by the Nazis to distribute the yellow Stars of David and converted during the Second World War into a sports hall. Read Here


By Jeremy Sharon

The Jewish Agency for Israel has begun upgrading security provisions for 50 Jewish institutions in 24 countries, following a spike in requests for assistance in the wake of increased anti-Semitic attacks around the world. Not all upgrades have begun yet, since the Jewish Agency is yet to fully fund the estimated $1.1 million cost of the enhanced security measures that have been requested of it. JAFI is expecting an additional $3m. will be needed for further such requests by the end of 2020. Read Here

9. Greece adopts IHRA’s definition of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial

By Ekathimerini

Greece is adopting the working definition of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial as formed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced. The Greek IHRA chairmanship will promote a network of academic, educational and cultural activities focusing on the role of education and social media in preserving Holocaust Remembrance, as well on promoting the 2,000 year-old history of Greek Jews. Read Here

10. Anti-Semitism, intolerance, can be unlearned, Guterres tells New York commemoration

By UN News

Speaking at an event marking the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht, UN Secretary General António Guterres said “Decades after the Holocaust, the world’s oldest hatred is still with us” as he called for urgent action by parents, teachers and political leaders “before underground hatred becomes an overt and an alarming new normal.” Mr. Guterres highlighted efforts by the global community to counter these threats, such as UN action plans to address hate speech and to ensure the safety of houses of worship. “Education must be a key part of this preventive approach, and I am announcing today that I intend to convene a conference on the role of education in addressing and building resilience against hate speech. Intolerance is learned and so can be prevented and unlearned. I will continue to call out anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of hatred.” Read Here


By Jerusalem Post Staff

President of Romania Klaus Iohannis met World Zionist Organization Chair Avraham Duvdevani at Cotroceni Palace. The two discussed the Romanian-Israeli relationships and Romania’s fight against anti-Semitism. Iohannis emphasized the important role the State of Israel plays as a “reliable partner of Romania and Duvdevani expressed his gratitude towards Iohannis not only for the relationship between Israel and Romania, but also for the steps he has taken to promote Jewish history and culture. Read Here

12. Italy to complete National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah

By WantedInRome

Italy’s culture minister Dario Franceschini has sanctioned state funds of €25 million to complete the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah in the north Italian city of Ferrara. Franceschini said: “We owe it to Liliana Segre, to her personally and to what she represents.” Franceschini described it as a “museum for knowledge and dialogue because the encounter between cultures is the best antidote to the risks of these times, to the fear of diversity, hatred and intolerance.” Read Here



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The European Janusz Korczak Academy will present Dr. Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Berlin-based media group Axel Springer SE, with the Korczak Prize for Humanism to recognize his efforts to combat anti-Semitism and preserve human dignity. Döpfner, the head of Germany’s largest publishing house, has been hailed for his vocal opposition to anti-Semitism, and his efforts to boost ties between Germany and the State of Israel. In May, leading German daily newspaper Bild – the largest brand published by Axel Springer – printed a cut-out kippah on its front page in support of German Jews. Read Here


By Donna Rachel Edmunds

The Corinthians soccer club from Sao Paolo, Brazil, hit back against anti-Semitism, with players wearing a yellow Magen David on their shirts when they took to the field. The gesture was made specifically in remembrance of Kristallnacht, ahead of the 81st anniversary of the event. The move has been seen as a great boost to South America’s Jewish population, who hope that the visibility of the gesture will promote efforts to combat anti-Semitism. Read Here

3. In first, imam to attend Holocaust commemoration event in Sweden


An imam from the Swedish city of Malmo for the first time confirmed his attendance at the city’s Kristallnacht Holocaust commemoration event. The attendance of Salahuddin Barakat, founder of Malmo’s Academy of Islam, at Malmo’s synagogue is an important milestone in interfaith work designed to curb anti-Semitism in the city, according to the local rabbi, Moshe David HaCohen and will be the first Muslim-Jewish commemoration in Malmo. Read Here

‘’In all that we did at the UN, our approach to Israel was tied together by one major idea, that Israel must be treated like any other normal country,” said former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, upon accepting the World Jewish Congress’ prestigious Theodor Herzl Award. “It is baffling to me that anti-Semitism is not treated with the same disdain as racism or other forms of hate. It is exactly the same. It must never be tolerated.” Read Here

5. As Bigotry Stirs Globally, Bosnian Jews, Muslims Recall Lesson in Tolerance

By Reuters and Algemeiner Staff

Bosnia’s Jews and Muslims marked the bicentenary of the rescue of a dozen Jews from an Ottoman-era governor’s jail, saying their liberation by Sarajevo Muslims is a great example of co-existence at a time of rising global sectarian hatred. The 1819 rescue, which happened during a Muslim uprising, is a holiday for Sarajevo’s Jews, known as Purim di Saray. The event was marked by a joint exhibition and conference depicting the events and celebrating nearly 500 years of peaceful coexistence between Jews and their Muslim neighbors. Read Here

6. Descendants of Nazis organize global marches against contemporary anti-Semitism

By Karen Goldfarb

March of Life, a grassroots movement launched under the auspices of the Evangelical TOS Church in Tubingen, Germany reaches out to Holocaust survivors to express remorse over Nazi crimes, and many of its members are descendants of Nazis. In the US, the group is known as March of Remembrance. Pastor Jobst Bittner said that he founded March of Life because he wanted to pierce what he described as the “veil of silence” that surrounded so much of Holocaust history in Germany. Read Here


“Combat anti-Semitism (CAS) is a non-partisan, global grassroots movement of interfaith individuals and organizations united to combat anti-Semitism. CAS exposes anti-Semitic activity from across the ideological spectrum and highlights those working to fight against its resurgence. One of the most pernicious forms of modern anti-Semitism is the effort to deny and delegitimize the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and their profound historic, religious and cultural connection to their ancestral homeland, Israel. Humanity flourishes when religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity is respected, and we hope to encourage understanding and set an example through our work. Anti-Semitism is the oldest form of bigotry and by working to eliminate it, we hope tragedies like the holocaust or any incidents of hate inspired speech or violence perpetrated against the Jewish people, Israel, or any discriminated group are reduced significantly.”