Promote the Canary Mission’s Investigation on Coronavirus Anti-Semitism

June 12, 2020 | Active

Read and share the report exposing the lead players responsible for creating and spreading Coronavirus anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise and the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in anti-Jewish hatred. Videos, memes and podcasts spreading coronavirus anti-Semitism echo the same fear-mongering and conspiracy theories perpetuated against Jews throughout the ages.

A new report released by the watchdog group, Canary Mission, has revealed that a large amount of anti-Semitic conspiracies relating to the Coronavirus are being spread by a small group of far-right conspirators and organizations.

The report exposed a network of 26 white supremacists who have been spreading the majority of online antisemitic conspiracies relating to the coronavirus across various platforms, including six websites. Podcasts were found to be by far the most prevalent medium for spreading the conspiracies. 17 of the 26 far-right activists investigated in the report (65%) use podcasts to spread their message, most of whom use it as their primary medium.


Read and share the report: https://canarymission.org/campaign/coronareport