CAM Hispanic Outreach Director Addresses ‘Imparables’ Meeting of Pro-Israel Spiritual and Political Leaders From Across Latin America

CAM Director of Hispanic Outreach Shay Solomon (bottom right) speaks at an "Inparables" meeting.

October 31, 2021

Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) Director of Hispanic Outreach Shay Salamon recently took part in an “Imparables” meeting — a weekly online gathering that brings together spiritual and political leaders from across Latin America to discuss and pray for the State of Israel.

Salamon was invited by Pastor Eduardo Gomez of Colombia — a member of the Latino Coalition for Israel’s Latin America Executive Committee — to share the work of CAM and give a presentation on the history of antisemitism and the Zionist movement.

“Everyone here today is part of the Zionist movement, which continues to strengthen Israel and its right to exist even after 70 years,” Salamon said.

Salamon expressed gratitude to all of the meeting’s participants for their unwavering support for the Jewish state.

CAM would like to thank Pastor Gomez for the invitation and congratulate him on receiving the “Jerusalem Prize” from the World Zionist Organization.