Report Shows Qatar’s School Curriculum Promotes Anti-Semitism

August 26, 2020


In a recent report called Understanding Qatari Ambition, IMPACT-se reviewed Qatar’s school curriculum. There has been much concern in recent years about education in the Qatari school system. Qatari leaders have long permitted their children to be indoctrinated by one of the most radical Jihadist curriculums across the globe.

Anti-Semitism has remained prevalent and is a central element of Qatari education. The textbooks used in schools in the Gulf country regularly promote demeaning examples of Jews and Israel as well as call for “Jihad” and violence towards “infidels.” Qatari textbooks also often feed classic anti-Semitic tropes proposing that Jews control the world – manipulating governments and markets powers.

Even though the Qatari education system is heavily influenced by western educators and is the source of much pride for the government, the messages sent to school children in the country should be addressed immediately. This is especially concerning considering given that, in the past decade, Qataris have invested over $1 billion into US colleges and universities.

The report by IMPACT-Se considered over 238 Qatari textbooks used between 2016–20 and compared them to international standards based on UNESCO and UN declarations. The report ultimately determines that the Qatar’s curriculum and school books do not meet international standards of peace and tolerance.

The report also adds to the debate surrounding Qatar’s support for radicals actors across the globe. It sheds light on the resources that Qatar employs to undermine other Arab countries and its efforts to interfere in the educational systems of Europe and the United States.

Read more: Full Report and Executive Summary.