Security Group Reports 80 Percent Spike in Antisemitic Acts Across US in Past Month

An antisemitic image that has been disseminated online recently.

May 26, 2021

An organization that advises the American Jewish community on security issues has reported an 80% jump in antisemitic acts across the US in the past month as Israel-Gaza violence flared.

One of the main causes of this increase, according to the Secure Community Network (SCN), was false information spread on social media.

“There may be foreign actors spreading information and disinformation, often tied to antisemitic tropes,” SCN CEO Michael Masters was quoted as saying. “We’re seeing a clear rise in the calls for violence against the Jewish community and an uptick of attacks of violence.”

The hashtag, #COVID1948, for example, which links the year of Israel’s founding to the deadly global pandemic, appeared to originate in Iran, Masters noted.

There were also spikes in uses of antisemitic phrases such as “Hitler was right,” “Zionazi,” and “Kill all Jews,” among others.

A CAM database of recent antisemitic incidents across the globe can be found here.